Jul 12

This is my inaugural post here at “Run With No Regrets”.  Welcome!  I really look forward to sharing my experiences as I run, try new workouts and get healthier and stronger.  But most of all, I’m excited about learning from my readers, so I hope to gain some followers along the way!

So who am I, and what I am up to?  To learn about me and my running so far, check out My Journey and My Races.  Right now, I’m working on building up my mileage to 10 miles a week.  I’m also in the middle of a month long Burpee Challenge which has been pretty tough!

Yesterday I FINALLY bought a new pair of running shoes.  The running store, Rittenhouse Sports Specialities, was recommended by a friend, and I’m so glad I went.  The owner is awesome and very honest about the shoe industry.  After trying to become a forefoot runner, I absolutely agree with her that it does more harm than good messing with your running form.  I lost 5 good months of running because of it, but I digress…

I tried on maybe 6 pairs of shoes, ran around the store with them, and really took my time.  I was torn between a pair of Saucony and Asics, but went with the Asics GT-2000’s.  They’re so pretty!  I’m just nervous because I really want these shoes to work for me.  Wearing the right running shoes is SO important!

Asics GT-2000’s…my new shoes!

My next post will be about my first run with the new shoes!  I look forward to hearing your insights  Thanks for reading, and please comment and say hello! Cheers!