Runner’s World 10K…I’m Signed UP!

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | training

Sep 07

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who has been reading and enjoying my blog.  I’ve noticed a lot of page views since writing about my 6 pound weight loss, and the thought that I could inspire others to do the same is amazing!

On another note, I’m having some technical difficulties with the blog (comments not loading properly), so I’m using a simpler template for the time being until I find something pretty.  I look at a lot of blogs and they have really great designs…so hopefully I’ll find something that’s simple, clean, and attractive.

I’ve wanted to write again for days now but it’s been a busy week.  Monday was Labor Day and instead of taking a day off, I joined Black Girls Run for Boot Camp with Platoon Fitness!  It was awesome:  30+ black women (most of which had already run 3-5 miles) doing squats, lunges, supermen, all kinds of sit ups, and adding in some jogs in between.  It was brutal and my quads and glutes hurt for DAYS!  I haven’t felt that kind of good pain in ages, so I LOVED every minute of it.

I had a couple of pictures but the Facebook Group was recently shut down…so I can’t grab them.  I will once it returns.  I am slowly liking BGR a little more, but it’s still hard to not already have a friend who’s involved.  Sometimes I can be a little shy!

Despite the days of an aching body, I ran on Tuesday for about 2.7 miles, and while I actually felt really good, my foot didn’t.  I had to call my doctor again and let her know that while my left foot has signficantly improved in pain, my right foot still hurts after running.  I actually had to pull out my old ice pack for my arch…so that was unsettling.

My doc said I should talk to the sports medicine doc and see what he says, and in the meantime continue my “stretching” exercises for my foot.  So here I am getting the runaround.  My sports medicine doctor is not my favorite person…so I don’t really want to write a long message to him and get a blunt response as per usual.  I’ve been dying to see a PODIATRIST but they seem to refuse to allow it.  It’s really making me angry.  I think they would know what’s wrong with my foot more so than the other two.  Sigh.

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In any event, for the first time since January, I am in training!  On Saturday, October 19, I will be doing my first 10K at the Runner’s World Half and Festival.  There will be a ton of activity on Saturday with a 5K, 10K, running seminars, and then the big Half Marathon is on Sunday.

The course sounds absolutely amazing.  I have never run a race outside of Philadelphia, so I’ll actually have to take a drive to get there!  I’m really hoping that I’m in good health to run my first 6.2 miler!

I am using Hal Higdon’s novice 10K training plan to get ready for the race!  So far I have stuck to the plan, but I need to keep up with strength training and cross training.  Yesterday, my boyfriend and I took a nice bike of about 10 miles, and today I need to do 40 minutes of cross training.

When I work with a training plan, I tend to perform very well in my races.  It provides me with the discipline I tend to lack, and I add each workout to my Google calendar so that I get a reminder at the start of each day.  I still track my runs on Runkeeper but have finally learned to turn OFF the audio cues so that I can just enjoy myself!

I’m very nervous about my upcoming 2 races, the first that I will have in 2013.  This has been a very difficult year for me.  I’m still fighting a lot of battles (don’t get me started on nutrition!), but running means so much to me and I will do whatever it takes to get healthy and strong again.