Staying on the Nice List: Christmas Holiday Recap

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

Dec 29

Happy Holidays!  If you celebrate Christmas, I hope it was wonderful for you!  I had a great time with my family.  This was probably one of the biggest Christmases we’ve ever had, so I just feel extremely blessed!

Christmas 2013

An obscene amount of presents!


I am so grateful for all that I was able to receive. Here’s what Santa brought me this year!
  • Things for the Kitchen:  A rotating spice rack (with spices), a teapot and lots of teas, colander (finally), new oven mit and pot holders
  • Clothing:  Socks, a dress, dressy scarf and nice top
  • Gift Cards:  Maggiano’s/Chili’s, $20 Debit Card
  • Much Needed:  A new wallet (from Coach, thanks sis!), a Nike Plus GPS Watch (from my bf!)

My bro and sis-in-law actually got me a Timex GPS watch as well…crazy, since the night before I dreamed I’d be getting 2 watches for Christmas!  Since I obviously can’t keep both, I’ll be exchanging the Timex and getting even more running gear!  So thankful!


The FOOD.  Oh man.  Christmas is always the worse.  Cakes, cookies, cupcakes galore.  And don’t forget the actual dinner!  We had lasagna, meatballs, macaroni and cheese, collard greens…everything was delicious.

Christmas cookies and cakes galore!

I made Brussels Sprouts for the first time.  I continue to attempt to “step my game up” and contribute to the meal with something a little different.  Here’s the recipe.

My Brussels sprouts…yum!

I didn’t make it exactly to recipe….i.e. I used cooking white wine instead of white wine vinegar (oops), I omitted almonds because my bro is allergic, and my butter didn’t exactly “brown”, but everyone seemed to enjoy it!  I will definitely add Brussels sprouts to my shopping list moving forward, so yummy!

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I really wanted to follow the advice I gave about eating healthy during the holidays, but while I kept my portions small, I ate too many sweets!  Sugar cookies are my Kryptonite (did you see that picture above?)!  I’m kidding though…I don’t really feel guilty.  I’m glad I was able to treat myself!



My New Nike+ GPS Watch…Ready to Go!


Sunday 12/23: Ran outside for about 3.30 miles in 60 degree weather!  It just felt good to be out there.  Then I followed up with hip strengthening exercises.

Thursday 12/26:  Two workouts courtesy of Nike’s Training Club. I did the Core Crunch and Cardio Killer.  Lots of squats, burpees, V ups, and planks.  It was my first time using the app, and while only 15 minutes each, they really kicked my butt!

Friday 12/27:  Core and More Class.

Saturday 12/28:  3.60 miles outside with my running buddy Mark.  We hadn’t run together since August(?!) and it was just like the good old times.  It was about 35 degrees…but I got a great sweat as always and got to use the new watch!  I love it!

Sunday 12/29: IntenSati Class with the Philly Black Girls Run! Group.  This will require its own post to describe, but I really enjoyed it!

How was your Christmas?  Did you run, were you able to keep to your healthy commitments or did you let loose for the holiday?  I hope you enjoyed!

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