Healthy Eating Tips for Thanksgiving

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

Dec 09

Hey, everyone!  I can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 weeks since my last post about my last nutrition session.  It feels like an eternity and was purely unintentional.  So now that I’m back, I’ve got a lot to talk about.  Hopefully as I catch you up, you can let me know how you’ve been by leaving a comment!


Thanksgiving went really well!  It was my first time hosting the holiday at my home, and I was able to share it with my boyfriend and immediate family.

A wonderful Thanksgiving meal!

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I intended to write about how to survive Turkey Day when eating healthy, but the timing just didn’t work out.  But here are some of the things I learned:

  • Let your family/guests know your intentions.  Everyone has that relative that orders you to fill up your plate, but giving them a heads-up can avoid conflict/guilt/etc.
  • If you’re cooking, look up healthy recipes online.  Just a few substitutions can cut down on 100’s of unnecessary calories.  Here’s the Mashed Sweet Potatoes I made for the holidays, with Greek yogurt!
  • Light snacks before dinner can keep you fueled and prevent overeating when dinner finally arrives.  We had a yummy cheese and crackers tray with grapes, and a delicious Waldorf salad as appetizers.
  • Eating dinner a little earlier in the day gives more time to digest.  We ate around 4:00 pm;  I will never have a 7 or 8 pm holiday dinner again!
  • With everything said, don’t deprive yourself.  If you want a cookie or a slice of cake, eat it and enjoy it!  Just don’t overdo it!


As I started out with my newest approach to logging my meals 2 weeks ago, I did a good job and logged consistently for the first couple of days.  But honestly I’ve fallen off the wagon again, ugh!  Hopefully I can get my act together on Monday and start off fresh.


Unfortunately, Thanksgiving week was not good for me.  I had all intents and purposes to work out, but Tuesday Boot Camp was canceled, the family came in on Wednesday, and I just didn’t take care of business.  Fortunately, I made up for it this past week!

Monday 12/2:  Evening run with my boyfriend, 30 minutes with 1-minute walk, 5-minute jog.  Covered about 2.2 miles.  Then did hip strengthening exercises.
Wednesday 12/4:  Core and More Class, then hip strengthening exercises after work.
Thursday 12/5:  2.02 miles on the treadmill, followed by Boot Camp class.  My abs and hips hurt for days after!

If you’re on Runkeeper, a great app for tracking workouts, find me as “Janelle J”, I’d love some more friends!

Blog Promotion/Social Networking

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So how have things been in your life?  Do you still have tons of Thanksgiving leftovers like I do?  Any good fitness deals picked up on Black Friday/Cyber Monday?  Are you on IG or Twitter?  And is it snowing where you are?  Please share in the comments!

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