Weekly Recap: A Workout Drought and Coaching News!

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Jan 28

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I have to admit that I’m extremely bummed out.  I’ve been sick with an annoying cold/sore throat/headache/dry cough/sneezing thing since the middle of last week.  So it really put a damper on any goals I had to work out last week.

On top of that we’re having the coldest winter ever in Philly.  Just when I think the Polar Vortex is over, oh wait, here’s another 2 feet of snow, and let’s keep the temperature in the teens and single digits.  It particularly sucks due to having a job that requires spending an extended amount of time outside.  The highways were in really bad shape on Tuesday afternoon as everyone was heading home…I’m grateful I made it back safe.  This cold weather has no end in sight!

Polar Vortex 2014

This isn’t even all of the snow we got!

I’m not trying to rant of course…I try to have no regrets and make the most of tough situations, but I hope I’ll be well enough to do something active soon!

“Workouts” for the Week

Monday 1/19:  Didn’t make it out to the Black Girls Run 6:30 am run, but did do MLK Day of Service at a community center in Kensington.  Raked more leaves than I ever thought possible.  Bret and I made a great team!

Tuesday 1/20:  The snow storm began!  Boot Camp was canceled and I focused on laundry…guess that was my strength training for the day.

Wednesday 1/21:  Core and More was cancelled of course.

Thursday 1/22:  Stayed home sick, hurt to swallow (not fun).  Tried to get as much rest as possible.  (I still feel guilty whenever I stay home sick!)

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Friday, Saturday, Sunday:  Rest…

On a more positive note, I’m still working towards my 2014 goals and finally made a decision about coaching.  I will be working with Kristy from Run the Long Road Coaching!  I’m so excited and of course nervous!!

Why did I choose Kristy?  Her website is informative and it’s clear that she has the experience and passion to help others with their running.  The testimonials were very reassuring, especially from those who have struggled with injuries.  She’s local to my area and has a variety of coaching options: virtual, private and group sessions.  And lastly, the costs for her services are very affordable for me, especially for a long-term commitment.

We will be getting together for our first meeting and assessment in a few short weeks.  Why the delay? Kristy literally just gave birth!  Clearly, this woman is badass, so I am hoping to be inspired and encouraged by her and reach my true running potential with her guidance.  I hope we work well together!

Oh and lastly, I’ve been doing some great reading on injury prevention for runners, which I think is very productive to do while being sick.  Thanks to Joy from Joy’s Book Blog’s generous donation, I’ve been reading ChiRunning, (affiliate link) and I also got the Injury Prevention for Runners from Strength Running.  Look for me to get more in detail later this week…I want to share what I’ve learned!

It’s linkup time again with Run to the Finish!  This was the perfect week to put my #bestfoot in practice!

Has this freakishly cold weather impacted your workouts?  What did you do to adjust and how do you keep your best foot forward?

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