New Toys, Back to Back Running, and a Coaching Update

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | injury prevention

Jan 15

Happy Hump Day!  Have you ever wanted the day to go by slowly and it goes way too fast?  That pretty much summarizes my week!  Work has been crazy busy and it’s been a balancing act taking care of everything.  And when I get home, the evenings never last long enough!

But things have been going pretty well.  I had 2 great runs over the weekend, and I haven’t run two days in a row in ages!  I was tempted to run again Monday, but I just can’t push myself.  I feel like I constantly have twinges of pain here and there, so I’m trying to listen to my body right now.

New Toys

New stuff! Foot massager, ice packs, headband, armband, reflectors!

Thanks to my brother and sister in law, I have some new items that can help me feel better!  I was able to go to Citysports and exchange the Timex GPS watch that they got me for Christmas (my bf got me the Nike+ watch) with a whole lot more stuff!

I got a new armband to hold my cellphone (since my iPod and armband were stolen), a headband for cold weather (which works great!), some reflective anklets, a foot therapy massage roller, and two ice/heat packs! Can I just say that Citysports is ridiculously expensive?!  But I got a great bang for my buck, thanks again guys!

Running Coach

I finally took a big step….contacted some running coaches!  My goal was to find a running coach by February, so I seem to be on track.  I have to say it is NOT easy to find a running coach in Philly, but there are a few out there.

Two that I’ve contacted are RRCA certified, and the third is Pose certified. Right now I’m keeping my contacts “anonymous” as I navigate this process.  They’ve all gotten back to me relatively quickly after emailing them.  I have to schedule a phone call with the third, which I’m very nervous about!

While I’m very sure that a running coach is what I need, I realize that I’m still very confused about what I want!  One of the coaches has a variety of coaching options, including private and virtual coaching.  Do I want the one-on-one contact where the coach can watch my every move, or do I want a longer term relationship where I have unlimited access online?  Well, I want both, haha!  So I have to figure out how this will actually work…

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I have mentioned my goals of running a 5K, 10K and half marathon this year.  But I really don’t feel ready to train for anything right now.  I’ve developed a workout routine that works for me, but I need to be sure that it is helpful to my running goals.  I want everything that I do to help me be strong enough to run, not to work against that.  So some advisement from an expert is crucial! By next week I should have a coach…I’m so nervous, I’ll keep you posted!


Monday 1/6:  Hip strengthening and a few arm and ab exercises in the gym. A somewhat interesting 15 minutes on the elliptical, used a setting with random, timed variations to add a challenge (i.e. squat and go fast, or pedal backwards)

Tuesday 1/7:  Boot Camp Class.  Only 3 of us were there so we switched it up and did circuits of squats, V ups to sit ups, leg extensions, and upper body exercises with 8 pound weights.  Phew!

Wednesday 1/8:  Core and More Class.  The cardio was refreshing!

Thursday 1/9: Boot Camp Class.  My abs were still burning from Tuesday’s class!  I wore my new Puma Faas 100R’s.  I’ll be writing a review on these shoes as soon as I break them in!

Saturday 1/10:  Solo early morning run for 2.1 miles.  It was completely foggy and pretty dark, but I wore my reflectors!  I had a full day ahead of me so I’m glad I started with the run since I couldn’t meet with the Running Club.  I did notice a new pain in my left ankle.

Sunday 1/11:  Bret and I ran together out in the trails of Pennypack Park!  I think 3.95 miles is my lucky number (that’s what we ran last time in the snow!) It was so awesome…fresh air, no rude runners (a woman actually waved back!), and there were points where I looked down at my watch and we were going 9 minutes per mile.  I had one stretch where I was going faster than him…everything just felt really good!  But my left ankle was still troubling me.

Pennypack Park…beautiful running trail!

How was your week of working out?  Would you rather have a face-to-face or online running coach?  Have you had either?  Let me know your thoughts!

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