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Jan 20

Happy Monday…what a nice, long weekend!  Today is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and every year I participate in the Day of Service.  You can usually find me at at a school or community center doing some painting, cleaning, or organizing. This is the first year my boyfriend and I will be doing something together, which means a lot to me since we are literally living “The Dream”.

The weekend was very fun and relaxing.  B and I got together with one of our favorite couples on Friday night and did something that I rarely do…bar hopped!  We had a good time catching up since they’re currently in wedding planning/chaos mode.  We had dinner at one of the newest pizza places, Pizzeria Vetri!  People at the table near us recommended we try the Rotolo and all I can say is WOW!  Great pizza too and at a good price.  I’ll definitely go back!

On Saturday we went to one of the most pathetic Penn basketball games that I can remember.  I could go on for days, but our performance against St. Joe’s was pathetic.  The Hawks went 13-15 from 3 in the first half, most of which were wide open.  All of our starters were benched.  Unbelievable!

Blog Update

In blogging news, I’ve joined a new blogging network.  Run With No Regrets is now a Healthy Living Blog!  Everything hasn’t gone through yet (i.e. I’m still not in their directory), but I’m in!  I look forward to interacting with the site and hopefully getting to know more people!


Monday 1/13:  Hip strengthening, balance exercises, and some upper body work.  Revelations:  My left ankle is definitely weak (which explains my pain), my right hip is still very weak, and I can do 5 chin ups at a time!

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Tuesday 1/14:  Boot Camp was canceled, so I took it as a rest day.  My knee has been a constant nuisance :(.

Wednesday 1/15:  Core and More Class.  It was a lot of fun!  My new Pumas are working pretty well.  My calves were getting a great workout!

Thursday 1/16:  Boot Camp Class was cancelled again, so I used Nike Training Club and did a 45 minute advanced workout called Transformer.  It included ski jumps, jump roping, reverse lunges, walking planks, modified tricep push ups, kick downs and mountain climbers.

Friday 1/17:  I woke up and my booty and inner thighs were really sore…must have been from all those squats and lunges with NTC!

Saturday 1/18:  Morning run with B, 3.3 miles in about 34 minutes.  It was very windy and about 30 degrees before wind chill.  No one else was able to make it to the Running Club but we made the most of it!

P.S.: I’m a big fan of Amanda’s blog at Run to the Finish, and she is doing a #BestFoot Linkup!  We’re sharing how we put our best foot forward when it comes to working out, eating healthy, and just plain living!  Check it out!

How was your weekend?  Do you participate in the MLK Day of Service (if not, you should!)?  

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