To the Market: Meal Planning and Food Shopping

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Jan 14

Happy Monday!  Somehow another week has passed and I haven’t posted since last Tuesday…but I’m happy you’re still reading, commenting and enjoying Run With No Regrets!

As I’ve mentioned, I want to hold myself more accountable about what I’m eating by preparing weekly meal plans.  Last week was my first go, and I have to say that it went pretty well!  Planning dinners in advance really did take away the stress of our normal nights, and now I have the mindset that Tuesdays and Thursdays are always my responsibility for dinner.  One night, Bret went to a Flyers game, which made me shift my meal to Wednesday instead of Thursday, and one of the days I didn’t even remember what I was supposed to make…so it was great to have it all written down so I wouldn’t have to worry about it!

Since this is going so well, I want to “make it official” by not only sharing on my blog, but participating in a weekly meal planning linkup with What’s For Dinner at  I’m excited to see what everyone else is cooking and eating!

what's for dinner

Dinners for the Week:

Monday 1/13:  California Sushi Rolls from Trader Joe’s with salad and cottage cheese

Tuesday 1/14:  Grilled Lemon-Mint Porkchops with brown rice and green beans

Wednesday 1/15:  Catfish and spinach/lettuce salad with tomatoes and shredded cheese

Thursday 1/16:  Turkey meatballs with spaghetti and spinach

Friday 1/17:  Meatloaf, homemade mashed sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts

Saturday 1/18:  Leftovers

Sunday 1/19:  TBD…is it bad that I don’t know yet??

In my enthusiasm for all things food these days, I am getting really ambitious in the kitchen!  My Tuesday and Thursday meals will be following recipes I found in Shape Magazine.  I am also making Friday’s dinner, which is my favorite…meatloaf!  Okay, maybe that’s not the healthiest…but it will be delicious!  And as I wrote this post I became inspired and decided to make Brussels sprouts again, using the same recipe from Christmas dinner!

Grocery shopping at Reading Terminal Market

A big part of my inspiration was from grocery shopping this weekend.  On Sunday we went to Trader Joe’s and the Reading Terminal Market.  (There I go, practicing what I preach again!)  Trader Joe’s is where we get all the staples.  At the Terminal Market,  we went to our favorite produce store and loaded up on blueberries, grape tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, bananas, a pineapple, Shiitake mushrooms and a little trail mix.  Then for meat I picked up 2 lbs ground beef, 4 boneless porkchops, and 1 lb of ground turkey while Bret picked up some catfish.  We’ve been spending too much going out to eat, so this should hold us over for quite some time!

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Do you plan your meals for the week?  How flexible/inflexible are you?  I still feel guilty for leaving blanks! Leave a comment and share your meals!

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