What’s for Dinner: Week of January 26

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

Jan 26

It’s Sunday Funday!   Another week has begun and it’s time for Meal Planning!  What’s for Dinner this week, and how did it go last week?

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what's for dinner

Last Week’s Meals:

Everything was going great this week, until it got to meatloaf time again.  Yesterday I forgot to set out the meat so by the time it was dinnertime there was no way meatloaf was going to happen.  Instead, I made one of those Chicken Voila dinners…sweet and sour chicken with pineapples, red peppers, onions and rice.  I only used half the sauce packet to cut down on the sodium.  It got the job done.

I actually stayed home sick on Thursday so I ate some of the leftovers from the Rib Shack for lunch.  They were still great!  Despite being sick, I still ended up going to that Happy Hour and spending way too much time on my feet, chugging as much water as possible and eating their sorry Chicken Tenders for dinner.

On Friday night Bret’s catfish was FANTASTIC.  He is really great at cooking fish.  It was very flavorful, almost more than my congested nose could handle!

Yummy catfish, asparagus and celery with peanut butter

Dinners for the Week

Sunday 1/26:  Dinner with friends in Chestnut Hill.  I’m leaning towards a healthy salmon salad…

Monday 1/27:  I’ve been craving to use the slow cooker again, so I’m going to see if I can pull off this Picadillo recipe from Skinny Taste.  If I chicken out, then I’ll fall back to the meatloaf.

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Tuesday 1/28:  Leftovers.

Wednesday 1/29:  Chicken stir fry.

Thursday 1/30:  We’re going out for Center City Restaurant Week.  Looking forward to a nice night out.

Friday 1/31:  I’m going to try another new slow cooker recipe from Skinny Taste, Chicken Ropa Vieja.  I think I can make enough of it to last for some Super Bowl Sunday snackage.

Saturday 2/1:  Out to dinner in NYC for my friend’s birthday.  I’ll try to find the healthiest thing on the menu…

What are you having for dinner this week?  Have you tried any new tasty recipes?  

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