What’s for Dinner: Week of February 2

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Feb 07

I am SUPER late in the game this week but now more than ever I’m in desperate need of a stable week of eating!  Meal Planning for the week is such a lifesaver and I can’t say enough as to how helpful it has been for me!  Last week I was very ambitious in the kitchen…will I take it up a notch this week?

Last Week Report:

I needed to pick up tons of ingredients for the Picadillo and Chicken Ropa Vieja that I planned to make (compliments of Skinny Taste) so I spent a small fortune at Whole Foods on veggies and baking products for a future project.


The Picadillo was a labor of love.  My food processor got quite the workout with the tomatoes, onions, garlic and green peppers. I ended up not finishing the meal until 9 pm or so in the slow cooker, so we ended up eating dumplings with soyaki instead.  When we finally did get to eat it, it was okay.  It didn’t have the punch of flavor that I expected, so I probably needed to add more spices.  One night we ate it with brown rice, and another night we mixed it with some mixed veggies and rice, which made it a lot tastier.  It took a full week to finally finish the leftovers.

Picadillo with Brown Rice

Dinner at Supper

Thursday night we went to dinner at Supper for Restaurant Week, and I have to say, while the ambiance was beautiful and the service was excellent, the food was a huge disappointment.  I’ll leave a more detailed review on Yelp, but the amount of fried food on the menu (even the veggies??) was gratuitous.  The mixed drinks were expensive and unimaginative.  Okay, okay…I’ll say no more!

Baked Maine Cod from Supper Restaurant

Chicken Ropa Vieja

On Friday I made the Chicken Ropa Vieja.  I used baby carrots in the chopper for the broth since I didn’t have any regular carrots laying around.  This time the garlic was much less of a struggle, and I only used one instead of 2 called for in the recipe.  It was really easy to make!

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chicken ropa vieja
Chicken Ropa Vieja…Delicious!

While it turned out ridiculously awesome, I do think that the 4 hours on high setting was too high for the chicken, as it wasn’t as tender as the crockpot chicken I made awhile back.  I wish I had doubled up on the servings to make more…it was really flavorful and delicious!

Dinners for the Week:

So did I up the ante this week?  NO!  This has been a terrible week for eating, and while it is already Friday, I still have 2 days left to redeem myself!  Since we are running extremely low on groceries, breakfast, lunch, and dinner have been a struggle.  Not to mention that after coming back from NYC last weekend and watching the Super Bowl, we didn’t meal plan on Sunday like we have the past few weeks.  And being sick didn’t help my appetite either.  What a bummer!

Sunday 2/2:  Pizza and wings for the Super Bowl.

Monday 2/3: Leftovers from Sunday.

Tuesday 2/4:  I honestly don’t remember…I was sick and miserable!

Wednesday 2/5: Chicken Stir Fry with lots of veggies.

Thursday 2/6:  A Trader Joe’s Pad Thai microwavable meal.

Friday 2/7:  Crockpot chicken with brown rice and Brussels sprouts.  (redemption begins!)

Saturday 2/8:  Crockpot chicken again most likely, unless my massive purchase of groceries tomorrow truly motivates me!

What kind of healthy foods do you eat when you’re sick?  Did you have any good snacks on Super Bowl Sunday?  

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