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Feb 10

As you probably know by now, the past couple of weeks I’ve been sick.  I’ve still got a horrible cough that won’t go away, but I’ve been taking those spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar so I hope it’ll clear up soon!

It’s a new week, so it’s that time when I recap my workouts from the last week.  Check out how other bloggers put their #bestfoot forward over at Run to the Finish!

I’ve got some really cool news.  Crystal Rhyno at Running With Rhyno does a weekly “I Am a Runner” feature on her blog.  And last week, I was featured!  Check out the interview to learn a little bit more about me and spend some time on Crystal’s blog: she’s awesome and has a great blog!

Workouts for the Week:

Monday 2/3:  Despite a warm weekend, winter just won’t quit us, so while I intended to stay after work to exercise, I came straight home due to another snow storm.  Sadly, I did nothing when I got home.

Tuesday 2/4:  I started to realize that I’m still sick and stayed home from work.

Wednesday-Friday 2/5-2/7:  Rest, though I still went to work and tried to avoid the cold as much as possible.

Saturday 2/8:  I was motivated to do some hip and glute strengthening exercises and a little planking.  There’s a great article in the newest Runner’s World about the importance of prehab.  I also did some ridiculous dancing to “Everybody, Everybody”, which reminded me that I’m not ready for cardio yet, haha!

Sunday 2/9: Gabby Douglas’s Perfect Alignment Workout on Nike Training Club app, Jessica Michibata’s To the Core Workout on NTC.  Each workout is 15 minutes.  With the latest app update they have a TON of new workouts so you’ll never get bored!

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Hopefully I’ll be able to go for a run this coming weekend.  How was your week of working out?  

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