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Feb 04

Weekly Recap: Back from Sickness, Then Pulled Back

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | fitness

I hate that it’s been so long since my last post, especially since so much has happened!  I’ve learned over these past few months that blogging can be extremely time-consuming with reading, writing, planning, commenting, taking/editing photos, participating in link-ups, etc.  And while I truly do enjoy it all, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming…so I took a little break for a few days.

The last time I posted, I was coming out of a pretty annoying cold.  Thanks for all the well wishes! Fortunately, it passed rather quickly!  I was able to get back to business last week with some much-needed exercise.

But now it seems that it’s come back with a vengeance!  This past weekend I was in NYC for my friend’s 30th birthday.  We had a great time, but I took the Bolt Bus, rode the subway, and shared a room with 3 other people.  Oh yeah, and the temperature was in the 40’s!  By Sunday I had a cough, Monday the sore throat and body aches kicked in (plus more snow and 20 degree weather), and today I’ve got a killer headache and even nastier cough.  So I had to call out sick again, which really bums me out.

I’ve been working on getting lots of rest and drinking lots of tea.  Maybe I’ll try sipping that apple cider vinegar after all?!

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