What I Ate Wednesday: Top Eats from the Past Two Weeks

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

Feb 27

Hello, hello!  In case you weren’t sure, I am still alive!  So much has happened, and I’ve hated to be away, but I haven’t been in the right mindset to dedicate time to the blog.

I’ve been sick for so long that I can’t remember when it began…but it’s been well over a month!  After coming back from my NYC Valentine’s weekend, I felt awful.  Those 5 miles I ran in Central Park may not have been the best idea after all because a few days later my cough was much worse and I was absolutely miserable.

I went to see the doctor today (finally).  It seems that I have probably caught a a couple of different viruses over the past month.  But thankfully it appears that the worst is over.  I was sent away with some quick blood work and a couple of prescriptions to help with my congestion and to help me sleep at night without coughing endlessly.  Can’t wait to be healthy again!

Since it is Wednesday, and it has been a long, I wanted to share some of my latest eats with the What I Ate Wednesday linkup from Peas and Crayons!

Valentine’s Day Dinner

We went to Maya in New York City for Valentine’s Day.  I felt a bit hurried because we took SEPTA and the NJ Transit to get into the city, and then took a cab to book it to the Upper East Side.  Our hotel was really nice and the price couldn’t be beat.  Maya was just a few blocks away so it was an easy, yet chilly walk.

We had their four course V-day dinner, and the place was mobbed.  If you want a good laugh, check out my review on Yelp.  Our experience was an adventure…but I will say that their food (sans the salad) is very good!  My favorites were the scallops and the pistachio ice cream for dessert!  Bret’s seafood dishes were very tasty as well!

Scallops from Maya…delicious!

Dessert with Pistachio Ice Cream…Yum!

Sunday Brunch in NYC

On our last day in New York we decided to get brunch not far from Penn Station so we could eat and head back home.  We went to The Breslin, a pretty swanky spot in the beautiful Ace Hotel.  It was delicious and definitely hit the spot.  I used to hate smaller servings at restaurants, but now it works for me!

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Classy Shrimp and Grits and a Pumpkin Muffin

My First Veggie Burgers

I was off last Monday for President’s Day so I took the opportunity to finally make Triple Bean Veggie Burgers, compliments of Peas and Crayons!  It took a LOT of work…chopping, mixing, draining…but it was so worth it! I used black beans, red beans and kidney beans since that’s what I had on hand.

I am most proud of the fact that I made quinoa for the first time and it turned out perfectly for the burgers, thanks to this handy guide!  Now you may look at this burger and think I’m crazy, but they were so delicious and flavorful!  I am so proud that I made these, and I still have leftovers to enjoy!

Triple bean veggie burgers..so yummy!


My first time making quinoa…turned out perfect!

Almond Butter Snack Balls

That same Monday, I finally made the Almond Butter Snack Balls that I had purchased the ingredients for weeks in advance.  My food processor once again earned its keep by chopping the almonds and pitted dates.  While I wasn’t able to make as many as I hoped, they were good!  I’d never used or eaten almond butter…it really does taste like its name and lacks the sweetness that I’ve grown accustomed to with peanut butter.  So it tastes natural, and the sea salt and cinnamon add some great flavor.  I still have enough ingredients to make another batch soon!

Almond butter snack balls!

Brunch at Taylor’s Cafe in Philly

Last Saturday I declined a run and slept in as long as possible before it was time to get some fresh air and go to brunch. The weather was abnormally warm for just a couple of short days, and we went to a really cool spot in Roxborough called Taylor’s Cafe.  I kept things simple with French toast and a scrambled egg, and it was so tasty!  And yes, I did get the whipped cream, but not too much!  We love finding new yummy places, especially that are are so cheap!

French toast with bananas and scrambled eggs

What awesome meals have you had lately?  How has this endless winter been treating you (it ain’t over yet!)?  

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