What’s for Dinner: Week of February 9

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

Feb 09

I don’t know how it happened but a new week is upon us already!  Being sick has really thrown me off my game.  But I’m looking to recover soon and have the meals for the week ready to go.  Time to Meal Plan!

Last Week Recap

I was all over the place last week since I didn’t make a Meal Plan.  Fortunately I was able to shake it off and make a proper, healthy dinner for Friday and Saturday:  Slow Cooker Chicken and Brussels Sprouts. 

I placed a few chicken breasts in the Slow Cooker with vegetable broth and some spices on high for about 3 hours.  While I was going to make brown rice to go along with it, I skipped it and just focused on the Brussels sprouts.  I used the same recipe that I used when I made them for Christmas, but this was the first time making it with frozen sprouts.  I got the butter to brown nicely this time and it was much faster to make than my first attempt.  I didn’t have dill this time so I used rosemary…I liked the flavor!

On Friday night I added some salsa to add an extra element to the meal, and on Saturday night I added a bit of BBQ sauce.  Overall everything turned out pretty well and I still have a bit of leftovers that I can take for lunch tomorrow!

chicken salsa Brussels sprouts
Slow Cooker Chicken, Salsa, and Brussels Sprouts

Dinners for the Week

Sunday 2/9:  Porkchops, green beans, and mashed sweet potato.

Monday 2/10:  Chicken fried rice with vegetables.

Tuesday 2/11:  Chicken Lo Mein with vegetables.

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Wednesday 2/12:  Bret and I will have our two year anniversary!  I’ll be making a very special, secret dinner!

Thursday 2/13:  I’m going to make pizza.  I’m still in the hunt for a recipe.  Currently considering this recipe, but open to suggestions!

Friday 2/14: We’ll be having a special dinner out for Valentine’s Day.  I may spoil myself on this special day.

Saturday 2/15:  Another night out.  I’m really excited about it!

Have any special plans for Valentine’s Day?  Do you like to cook dinner at home, order in, or go out for dinner?

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