New This Week: I’m Running a 5K!

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Mar 10

Well it’s official…I’m running my first race of 2014:  The Haddonfield Adrenaline 5K on March 15!  One of my good friends invited Bret and I to sign up.  Not only do you get a medal (which is rare for a 5K), but there is an awesome post party with lots of beers, right on time for St. Patty’s Day.  Our team name is “I.D.T.I.R”:  I Drink, Therefore I Run.  I’m excited!

Obviously I’m not going to be breaking any records. The last time I ran a 5K was the Heroes Run 5K back in September and I finished beyond 30 minutes.  I’m running with guys, so I’m not sure how I’m going to pace myself.  I should probably just use this race, which is in less than a week(!) to further assess my progress!

Last Week’s Workouts:

Monday 3/3:  Ran 2.35 miles on the treadmill in the gym, in addition to my strength exercises as advised by Coach Kristy.  I really slogged through the run and my ankle started to ache, ugh…but I hadn’t had a full workout like this in ages!

Tuesday 3/4:  I’ve been trying to squeeze in my hip strengthening whenever I can.  I did a few sets of hip hikes while at work!

Wednesday 3/5:  Core and More Class.  This was my first time doing this class in well over a month, and it showed!  At least I can still keep a beat!

Thursday 3/6:  Rest!

Friday 3/7:  Core and More Class.  It’s now being offered at work twice a week, I love it, especially now that Boot Camp is officially done.

Saturday 3/8:  Woke up early and knocked out some hip hikes and single legged deadlifts.  I also took advantage of the beautiful weather in Baltimore and ran downtown for about 3 miles or so (Nike+ watch took forever to link up).  Then I went into the hotel gym and got a great workout!  Squats (regular and single legged), clamshells, sidesteps,  plank with glute lifts.

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Sunday 3/9:  I felt really winded during Saturday’s run…so I just took it easy on Sunday.  This was a great week!

The awesome gym at the Hyatt in Baltimore. Great workouts!

Have you run any races yet this year?  Doing anything fun for St. Patrick’s Day?  Tell me about it!

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