The Time Has Come…Stair Climb Training!

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Mar 04

The American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Stair Climb is taking place on Saturday, March 29 at 2 Logan Square, one of the tallest buildings in Philadelphia.  There are 50 flights, equivalent to 1,088 steps, to climb, and I’m signed up!

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Background on the Stair Climb

I have so much love and respect for this event.  My company has participated since 2009, and since we’ve started, we’ve come a long way, raising over $10,000 to support lung research!  Having members of my family who smoke and have asthma, I definitely worry about the long-term impacts, and I want to do my part to help.

Post Climb Celebrations back in 2010 (with a great hair day)


Every year that I’ve done the climb, I have improved.  My first year was a disaster since I didn’t seriously train, and I finished in about 16.5 minutes.  The following years I trained, strategized and set goals, progressing to 11:10, 10:50, to my current best time of 10:12.

Last year I signed up early for the Climb, only to find out about the stress fracture in my right foot!  The first thing I did when I found out was cry and say “I was supposed to do the stair climb!”  But fortunately I was still able to volunteer, and it was a great time!

Me volunteering last year at the Stair Climb..another lady had a boot just like me!

Since I’m a bit very doubtful that I can crack 10 minutes, I’ve decided to up the ante and do the Century Climb this year…which means I’ll be going up the stairs twice!  I’ve set my goal to be 25 minutes…so we’ll see what happens!  Things have been so hectic with my sickness, which I am “sick” of talking about. But now that it’s March, I’ve got a little less than a month to make my best effort to get ready!

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I will be fundraising for the event as I have done every year.  Here is a link to my page, if you are interested in learning more or donating.  No pressure!  I appreciate any way you can help support the cause.

Have you ever done a Stair Climbing race?  What charitable causes do you like to support?

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