New Workout: Yoga for Beginners

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Mar 24

Yoga scares me.  It just does.  I’ve gone to a few classes and while I enjoy it, I still feel like I’m doing everything wrong…and it’s so hard to just be in the moment!

Yoga for Beginners

That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to jump on a new class being taught at Focus Barre and Yoga (formerly Barre Focus Fitness), called Yoga for Beginners.  It’s a 4 week series of classes that goes over all the fundamental poses of yoga, in a “safe” environment.  We also get to take four free additional classes at the studio to practice what we’ve learned!

This Sunday was my first class.  The instructor’s name is Colleen and she is SO nice.  She gave each of us a booklet with maybe 40 pages of definitions, poses, and photos.  Pretty great reference!  It was also kind of cute that her sister was in the class to serve as a “model” for us.  There were 6 students total in the class, which was a good size.

Manual of Poses for Beginner Yoga Class


Poses Learned This Week:

  • Hands at Heart Center
  • Mountain Pose
  • Standing Half Moon Pose
  • Eagle Pose (tough!!)
  • Balancing Head to Knee (tough!)
  • Warrior I
  • Warrior II
  • Downward Dog
  • Double Knee to Chest
  • Child’s Pose
  • Cow Pose
  • Cat Pose

While I have done many of these poses before, in this class we actually emphasized proper form, rather than going through the motions.  That made everything more challenging.

Overall Thoughts:

The studio is in a brand new location in Center City, with yoga upstairs and barre downstairs.  There was a barre class going on at the same time and unfortunately you could hear everything, mainly the thumping music right below us.  It was definitely distracting!

I also thought I’d get more of a workout in these classes.  We didn’t stay in poses long enough to really get a good stretch, but I understand that the purpose is for us to learn what we’re doing.  I’m probably just being impatient…we’ll put it all together as we keep moving forward!

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I’ve already picked up some good things and it’s nice to have a teacher explain what’s going on and put you at ease.  I will definitely take those extra classes and get in the groove!  I think yoga will do great things for my balance, core strength, and peace of mind!!

Last Week’s Workouts:

Sunday 3/16:  Bret and I went for a 3.6 mile run in the afternoon, followed by 10 laps up and down the Art Museum steps.  What a workout!  The air was chilly and damp and it was hard to breathe…Bret wanted me to blow a snot rocket and I refused!

Tuesday 3/18:  Was feeling very blah/moody and unmotivated…but I was able to do some of my hip and glute exercises before going to bed!

Thursday 3/20:  Did Nike Training Club’s To the Core workout, some clamshells, then did a 5 minute walk on the treadmill.  It was really tough, so I really need to get back to working on my core!

Friday 3/21:  Was supposed to have Core and More at lunch, but got stuck working with a contractor.  Took it as a rest day!

Saturday 3/22: Four of us were able to run to the Art Museum steps as we get ready for the Stair Climb next week!  We did 10 laps up and down, and then suicides. Nice workout!

Sunday 3/23:  Yoga for Beginners class, hip/glute strengthening, and Perfect Alignment and Alpha Abs workout on Nike Training Club.

Did you give it your #bestfoot this week?  Are you a yogi, do you have any advice for beginners?  Let me know, and check out the link up with Run to the Finish, Darwinian Fail, and The Sweet Life!

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