My Next Race: Clean Air Council 5K!

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Apr 13

This Saturday, I’m running my second race of the year:  The 5K Run for Clean Air.  It has become a new tradition with my company, as it is a big part of our annual Earth Day celebrations.  Last year, I was unable to run it because of my stress fracture, so this is my first time running it in 2 years!

2012 clean air 5k
                                2012 Clean Air 5K! Do you see me?

We’re in Spring Race Season, which means that there will be races in Philly just about every weekend for the next couple of months.  With the lovely weather we’ve had, everyone and their mother is out on the trail, which is nice, but so crowded!


When I ran the Clean Air Council 5K two years ago, I underperformed…I had a time of 29:45, mainly because I started out too fast with my friends (who were running 7.5 minute pace) and ran out of gas.  Two years later, I’d be really happy with a 30-minute finishing time since the Haddonfield 5K was just under 31 minutes a month ago.


I’ve been making an effort to increase my weekly mileage, not just because of the race but because I feel that I’m ready to take things to the next level!  I’m still adjusting to my new Adidas, but I want to get back to being a consistent runner.

Since I’ve done this race before, my strategy is to apply what I learned 2 years ago.  Because there is also a 3K walk component to the race, there will be a lot of walkers, strollers, and even dogs on the course.  So I need to make sure I’m away from those people as much as possible so I don’t have to waste energy trying to bob and weave around them.

I’m also going to focus on myself.  Bret is doing the 5K too, but I’m not going to try to keep up with him.  I’ll just have my Nike+ watch and my music to get me through!  As they say, “My race, my pace”.   No matter the results, I hope we all have a wonderful time!

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Workouts for the Week:

Monday 4/7:  2.54 miles on the treadmill, essentially speed intervals and hill intervals.  Such a ridiculous sweat!  My left knee is feeling a little dodgy though…ice needed!

Tuesday 4/8: 3 mile run outside.  My company’s Running Club (founded by me) had its first weekday run.  Loved the change of elevation on every block!  Then we played Kickball and lost 4-3.  It was a rough game with some not-so-nice competition.  But that’s how it goes sometimes!

Wednesday 4/9:  Core and More cardio kickboxing at lunch, and Yoga in the evening.  Core and More was such great cardio with some new moves and lots of high kicks.  Yoga was just okay…there were only 2 of us in the class.  I struggled with the Chair Pose for some reason.  Lots of core work.  Every practice gets better though!   I was exhausted by the time I got home and crashed early!

Thursday 4/10:  What was supposed to be a rest day turned into a 9 mile bike ride with Bret after work.  It was so much fun…until I got a flat in my rear tire!

Friday 4/11:  Rest!

Saturday 4/12:  6 mile run with my running club.  Of course things felt “out of whack” because I forgot my watch, and ended up using the Nike+ Running app until my phone battery died…regardless, it was a beautiful day!  But my knees felt really beat up during the run. I still need to work on my form!

Sunday 4/13:  Yelp in Philadelphia is doing a Fit Club for the month of April, so I signed up to go to a Cardio Sculpt class at Thrive Pilates.  The instructor was intense!  I haven’t sweated so much in a fitness class in ages.  We did lots of squats, lunges, kicks, and isometric movements with one pound weights.  I would definitely do it again!  I also had my last session of Yoga for Beginners.  We learned a few more poses to round everything out. So sad that’s over…only one yoga class left!

How were your workouts this week?  Have you been running more outdoors?  Any races coming up?

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