What’s For Dinner: Week of April 13, 2014

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

Apr 13

Happy Sunday!  Has the weather this weekend been insanely beautiful for you too?  Trees are finally in bloom and allergy season is kicking in, so I finally feel safe saying winter is over!!

Now that a new week is here it’s time to meal plan!  Check out the link up with Jill Conyers and Mommy Run Fast!

Last Week Recap:

We ate a lot of chicken last week!  I’m pretty happy with how things went.  We continue to make healthy dinners and I’m increasing my veggie intake thanks to the green smoothies.

Healthy Grilled Chicken Spinach Stack:

The spinach stack was absolutely delicious!  I was really pleased with how it turned out.  The cilantro added such a punch of flavor, and the ingredients all worked really well together.   I will definitely use this recipe again, especially since it’s so easy to make!

baked chicken spinach dip
                         Baked Chicken Spinach Stack with Mixed Vegetables

Turkey Meatballs:

It had been quite a while since I made turkey meatballs.  This time instead of trying to steam them, I baked them in the oven for about 20 minutes.  I also didn’t worry so much about tomato sauce, since I didn’t want to mask the flavor of all the spices.  They came out SO good, and put some to freeze for later!  I can’t wait to have them for lunch at work.

turkey meatballs
                                                     Turkey Meatballs
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Impromptu Dinner Date in Chinatown:

On Friday, we ended up going out to dinner which was TOO much fun!  We decided to go to Chinatown and eat at Rangoon Burmese Restaurant.  I had the coconut shrimp and Bret had the mango chicken…absolutely delicious!  To start, we had a thousand layer bread with the most delicious bean dip.  The prices were very reasonable and we were stuffed!

mango chicken
Mango Chicken at Rangoon.  Credit to Oren A. on Yelp

After dinner, we went to Hop Sing Laundromat, a very “high class” speakeasy in Chinatown.  I’ve gone once before, but it’s still such an intimidating experience as you ring the doorbell to be allowed in. The cocktails are VERY pricey ($12-14 a glass), but I love the romantic vibe!  Just follow the rules (no sneakers, no photos, take phone calls outside), and you’ll have no problems!

Dinners for the Week:

Sunday 4/13:  Pork Chops with brown rice and mixed vegetables.

Monday 4/14:  Paleo Tuna Cakes from Mommyhood in Holland!  I am so excited to try this recipe…hope I do it justice!

Tuesday 4/15:  Orange Chicken and Rice from Trader Joe’s.

Wednesday 4/16:  Baked Tilapia with some leftover sides.

Thursday 4/17:  Chicken dumplings.

Friday 4/18:  I have a banquet to attend sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania’s NSBE Chapter.  Should be a wonderful event with pretty good food!

Saturday 4/19:  We should be going out to eat.

Has Spring arrived where you live?  What are you having for dinner this week?

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