What’s for Dinner: Week of April 20, 2014

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Apr 20

Happy Easter Sunday to all who celebrate!  I still can’t believe it’s here.  I am looking forward to spending time with my family and watching my nephews run around like the 4 year olds they are!

As usual I am behind with my meal planning, but despite how busy things have been I want to make sure I plan for the rest of the week to eat well!  Check out the What’s For Dinner Link Up with Jill Conyers and Mommy Run Fast!

Last Week Recap:

Things haven’t been perfect on the eating front…between work and working out, I’ve been pretty tired, so sometimes it’s tough to get that extra energy to cook a full meal.  So Bret and I had to switch a day for my sanity. 

Thursday we ended up going to an outdoor event in our neighborhood and eating dinner from a great food truck, followed by a “Bunny Hop” bar crawl.  It was freezing cold that night though!

Friday I attended the Banquet that I mentioned at my alma mater.  It was an amazing experience.  We honored the Director of the Multicultural Programs Office in the School of Engineering, Ms. Cora Ingrum.  She is most likely retiring soon after decades and decades of service to minority engineering students such as myself.  She was like a second mother to us and it brought back a lot of memories…in case no one told you, engineering is HARD!  But she always believed in us and knew we could do it when we didn’t think we could.

On Saturday, it was our friend’s “Surprise” 30th birthday party!  We had a great time and ate delicious food…I loved the theme of mustaches for the party, we all had fake mustaches to model and there was a mustache cake and a mustache Pinata!  There was also lots and lots of whiskey…I definitely couldn’t handle that, but I did love pairing it with chocolate!

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Whiskey and Chocolate…winning combination!

Paleo Tuna Cakes:

I was so excited to try this recipe from Yuliya at Mommyhood in Holland!  I had been craving tuna for awhile and once I finally found the cans hiding up in my cupboard, it was go time!

As usual I didn’t have all the ingredients (no shallots or leeks), but I improvised.  I actually added a little bit of sauerkraut for some fun tanginess.  I was going to use some leftover potatoes but they went bad…luckily I still had a red potato left that I could use.  Everything was coming together nicely.

I think the biggest trouble I had was with the heat!  It was really tough for me to get the patties to stay together…I may have rushed to get them on the stove (Bret was pretty hungry, haha).  But all in all, I really liked them and I’m going to make them again!    The tuna didn’t overpower the meal and I thought it tasted great!

paleo tuna cakes
My version of Paleo Tuna Cakes

Dinners for the Week:

Sunday 4/20:  Easter dinner hosted by my brother and sister in law.  No idea what we’re having but looking forward to it!

Monday 4/21:  Kung Pao Chicken.

Tuesday 4/22:  We’ve got kickball at 7 pm, which makes timing for dinner awkward…finally going to make that tilapia with a side salad.

Wednesday 4/23:  Porkchops, brown rice and veggies.

Thursday 4/24:  Dumplings and brown rice.

Friday 4/25:  I have another banquet to attend, this time at Temple University, so we’ll see what I have to eat!

Saturday 4/26:  Leftover turkey meatballs (I finally learned how to freeze food for later, haha!)

What’s on your menu this week?  Tell me what you’re cooking for Easter dinner!  

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