I’ve Signed Up: Rock and Roll Philly Half Marathon 2014!

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May 19

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Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon

Well, it’s official: I am signed up for my first half marathon in nearly 2 years!  The Rock & Roll Philly Half will be my fourth half marathon and takes place on Sunday, September 21, 2014!

This race is very sentimental for me.  This was the first half I’d ever run, back in 2011 as I was beginning my running journey.  I finished in 2:10:53 but I had so much more in me.  It was the best race I ever had and was a truly emotional experience.

Race Goals

Being me, I have to create goals to make it through the race!  For past races, I simply used training plans I found online or in Runner’s World magazine.  But this time, I really want to try a coach, so I’ll be contacting Kristy from Run the Long Road Coaching to see if she can craft the perfect plan for me!  Here’s what I’m hoping for:

  • Finish under 2:20 (I have to be realistic, my last half marathon was 2:38)
  • Follow my coach’s plan to a tee, as much as humanly possible
  • Keep up with cross training (yoga and strength)
  • Bottom line:  No injuries!
rock n roll philly 2011

Full of joy after the race!

I’m really excited because this will be the first time I’ll be blogging about training for a race!  I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you!

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Workouts for the Week:

Monday 5/12:  Ended up taking it as a rest day.  Barre class really kicked my butt!

Tuesday 5/13:  Some balance and hip strengthening, Boot Camp with a focus on abs, then 3.20 miles on the treadmill with average 12:47 pace.  I played a lot with my speed, going at most at 7.0 mph on 2% incline.  Then we had Kickball…and lost, but played an extra game for fun and won that game!

Wednesday 5/14:  Another rest day, what?!

Thursday 5/15:  Focus Power Yoga.  For some reason I didn’t take my mat towel, and I was slipping and sliding the entire time.  Guess I need to invest in a better mat!  At least I had a good workout.

Friday 5/16:  Core and More Class, long overdue!  But my hamstrings were killing me.  Great workout.

Saturday 5/17:  5 mile run at 9:38 pace with the Running Club. It felt great!  I also biked about 8 miles.  My only complaint is a blister started to form on the side of my right big toe.  Annoying!

Sunday 5/18: Focus Power Yoga in the AM.  Learned some new moves and while I had some balance issues, it went pretty well!  Thankfully my hamstrings do feel better after that class!  Then in the afternoon Bret and I walked alll over the city.  It was a beautiful day!

Do you have any Fall races lined up?  Any advice you can share about half marathon training?

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