Happy National Running Day! Let’s Catch Up!

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Jun 04

Hello!  Yes, I am still alive in case you were concerned!  It’s been about a week and a half since I’ve been able to post, and I’ve really missed it and reading comments from you!  So let’s catch up with what’s been going on!

National Running Day

First off, how weird is it that it’s already June??  Today marks National Running Day, and while I am a bit skeptical that it’s a strategic way to stimulate the running economy toward the end of spring racing season (sorry, but have you seen all the coupons and promotions today?!), it’s a great time to reflect on what this running thing is all about.

It’s ironic that Running Day is celebrated in June because it was in June when I started my Running Club at work, almost 3 years ago.  After running my first Broad Street Run 10 miler, I was hooked!  I had to keep this thing going.  My company was starting to develop a Wellness Program, and I (nervously) pitched my idea for the Club to the Committee…and they loved it!  Since then, it’s been great getting to know my running buddies who I truly consider to be friends.  It’s been a great ride.

Looking back on my running journey, the main thing I can say is that I’m happy that I am still able to run!  I’ve had so many setbacks.  When I continued to get injured and spend months in physical therapy, I wondered if running really was for me.

Of course now I know that the answer to that question is YES!  I’ve never been a quitter in my life, and I believe that the challenges I faced as I learned to run have tested my determination and patience!  I’m still pushing forward, listening to my body, cross training, and I can now look forward to doing my first half marathon in almost 2 years.  I love a good challenge, and that’s what running does for me!

Remember that I recently signed up for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Philly?  Well, now they have turned the event into a weekend-long festival.  So in honor of National Running Day, I just signed up for the brand new 5K that will be taking place on Saturday, September 20!  Sure, it’s on a race route that I’ve run countless times, but at least I get a special medal for doing 2 races in one weekend!

I’ll be going for a VERY short run once the 90-degree weather cools down since I badly hurt my toe from kickball!  Hopefully, you’ll go out for a run today too!

Memorial Day Weekend

I know, this is ancient history, but I really had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  Bret’s parents came to town to visit and we ate SO much delicious food!  I’m glad I didn’t hold back.  We had a great time showing them around the city and some of the suburbs.  We even found an awesome barbecue place in Doylestown and we ate like kings! It was a blast!

Pepperoni pizza at In Riva


Spinach fettuccine at Bridgid’s


Chicken, brisket and ribs at Hickory Kitchen

Can’t forget the sides!


Memorial Day Brunch Omelet

Farm Share Fun

While I have been eating terribly lately, the good thing is having the farm share.  Our second bounty of food came in this past week, and it was chock full of veggies that I never even heard of!  It’s exciting because it inspires us to try to make new recipes.  Bret is especially talented at making some tasty sides!

Fresh veggies from the Farm Share!

At the first farm share we got sweet potatoes and I finally used them to make Baked Sweet Potato Fries!  It was so hard cutting the darn potatoes, but everything else was really easy and they turned out great!
Baked sweet potato fries with triple bean burger

Baked sweet potato fries with triple bean burger

Last Week’s Workouts:

Since I’m a week behind, I won’t go into full detail on how my workouts went 2 weeks ago.  But I will mention that I had two really great, scenic runs on Boxer’s Trail.  It’s one of my “new” favorite running trails, and still in the city!

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Boxer’s Trail

Workouts for the Week:

Monday 5/26:  Happy Memorial Day!  While I didn’t work out, I did lots of walking at Longwood Gardens.  It was an absolutely beautiful day!

Tuesday 5/27:  We had torrential rain so what was supposed to be a double header of kickball turned into a short, messy game the ended up being cancelled!  It was a good thing though because half of our team couldn’t make it anyway!  But ironically, one of my teammates invited her sister to play on our team, and she was my first Physical Therapist!  Small world, right!   She asked about my knee and really seemed to care!  Thankfully I had good things to report.

Wednesday 5/28:  Core and More wascancelled because of a scheduled power outage at work.  Boo!

Thursday 5/29:  Finally, a real workout.  Yoga class…nice and intense as always.  I really need to loosen up my quads…too tight to describe!

Friday 5/30:  Core and More Cardio Kickboxing during lunch!  It was an awesome workout!

Saturday 5/31:  A 5.26 mile run with on Forbidden Drive, 10:02 average pace.  I didn’t have my camera with me, or else I wouldn’t taken pics of the beautiful sights!  A great trail, but my legs and feet were beat!  I did do good though and follow with hip extravaganza on Yoga Download.

Sunday 6/1:  Morning yoga, my last day of my monthly unlimited pass.

What’s new in your world?  And how do you plan to celebrate National Running Day?  

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