Friday Five: Independence Day

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Jul 04

Happy Independence Day!  The weather is pretty gloomy here this morning, but hopefully you’re having a great day in your neck of the woods!  I’m linking up for the Friday Five with the DC Trifecta:  Eat Pray Run DC, Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up For What!  They are awesome bloggers that you should definitely check out!  Independence Day for the longest time has been one of my favorite holidays and I have so many fond memories.  I thought this week I’d share them with you!

My Favorite Things about Independence Day

  1. Barbecue!  Some of my favorite memories as a kid was watching my uncles barbecuing in the backyard for the Fourth of July. We’d have cans of pop from Tops (Buffalonians know what I’m talking about), and we’d have the best hot dogs, hamburgers, baby back ribs, spaghetti or pasta salad, potato salad and the BEST baked beans!  And corn on the cob was always a special treat!
  2. Blockbuster Movies!  I have to be honest…I can’t remember the last time I went to see a movie on Fourth of July weekend.  But being a big Will Smith fan, I was always psyched when one of his movies would come out.  It was a fun tradition for a while!
  3. Family and Friends!  Whether we’re chilling on the balcony, playing board games, or watching a concert in the park, it’s a great time to relax and have fun with friends, especially if you don’t get together often!
  4. A Day Off of Work!  Let’s be honest…work can still be stressful in the summertime.  It’s nice to get a quick day off for the holiday without using up vacation time!
  5. Fireworks of course!  Back in the day we would sit out on the porch watching the competition of the best firecrackers on the block.  Lately I’ve been checking out the fireworks at the Philadelphia Art Museum as part of the Wawa Welcome America festivities.  They put on amazing show and people even pull over on the expressway and get out of their cars to watch it!
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Fireworks are my favorite!

What are your plans this weekend?  What’s your favorite thing to do for the Fourth of July? 

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