Birthday Weekend and RnR Philly Half Week 6 Recap

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Aug 18

Hey hey!  It’s Monday, which can be a pain, but the good news is that it’s my birthday!  I had an action-packed Saturday full of birthday celebrations, AND an 11-mile run that I did a kickass job (if I do say so myself!).

Birthday Celebrations!

Rock Climbing

I wanted to do something fun and adventurous on my birthday so I found a great deal on Livingsocial to go to a rock climbing gym.  Bret and my 2 girlfriends were able to come and we learned how to belay and how to climb.  I’ve gone rock climbing a couple of times, not lately, but I never learned how to belay, that’s a lot of responsibility!  Unfortunately, at one point, Bret was climbing and I realized I forgot to attach my anchor….scary!!  Thankfully, he survived, and I think he has forgiven me!


We had a great time rock climbing!

Included in the package was $10 worth of food and a free drink, sponsored by Apple Ale.  This took place at Franklin’s, a local bar nearby, that we actually love during football season.  I had the most amazing nachos!  And the apple ale was really good too!

Nachos at Franklin’s are dangerous!

Dinner at Zorba’s

I like to consider myself a “foodie”, so I was so excited to make reservations for Zorba’s, an awesome Greek restaurant in my neighborhood.  My sister, more of my girlfriends, and a few of my coworkers were able to join in.  I was pretty stuffed from earlier, but I still enjoyed the hummus appetizer and pork souvlaki for dinner!  I really had a lovely time.


pork souvlaki

Hello Pork Souvlaki!


She drove all the way from Maryland for dinner!  Best sister ever!

group zorbas

Thanks to everyone!

House Party

We love having house parties.  Why we don’t do it more often, I have no idea!  Bret was so sweet, he left dinner early to set everything up.  I should have taken a picture of the spread…lots of fruits and veggies (I’ve taught him well!)  By the time we headed over, there were already a couple of guests. We had a great mix of people.  I even had a couple of my kickball teammates drop by, and they were so much fun!  The big finale was when I was serenaded by the room and presented with a cupcake.  Thanks Jennifer and Bret!

Happy birthday, happy cupcake, happy me!

I had a great birthday celebration…mischief managed!  I’m still so thankful to everyone who came out…I’m opening my presents today!

Week 6 Workouts:

Monday 8/11:  Rest day, BUT I did do some pre-hab.  Two sets of 15 forward and reverse lunges, one minute clamshells, one minute leg raises.

Tuesday 8/12:  3.20 miles on the treadmill.  After warming up, I started on 5.5 mph with a 0.5% incline.  After a while my left calf didn’t like it, so I took the incline off and picked up the pace.  I was feeling a cold coming so I didn’t want to run outside in the rain.

Wednesday 8/13:  Core and More Class (I know, I know), but I’m taking it VERY easy now.  After work. Mark and I ran 3.3 miles at a very bizarre pace, 11:51 average.  It was very breezy and it probably took 2 miles to find our sweet spot.  I don’t know why but my instantaneous speed on my watch always shows up to be way faster than my average speed and it’s starting to throw me off…

Thursday 8/14:  We had a playoff Kickball game.  We were having a pretty fun time until the sky opened up and we got rained out!!  We biked to and from the playground, which was around 4 miles.

Friday 8/15:  I may have done some pre-hab exercises…can’t remember!

Saturday 8/16:  11.14 miles at 11:43 average pace.  What a victory!  Bret and I ran the beloved Forbidden Drive and the weather was perfect.    My total time was 2:10, which is a huge accomplishment considering last week’s 2:04 10 mile run.  This time, after talking to Coach Kristy, I took Clif Shot Bloks every 3 miles.  I do believe that it made a difference!

Sunday 8/17:  After a crazy Saturday I was EXHAUSTED and didn’t do anything productive until 11:30 am…seriously!  But I still had a run to do.  Thankfully Bret joined me in the evening for this 3 mile easy run, 10:43 average pace.

Felt like I could run another mile!


How was your running weekend?  Do you like working out on your birthday?

I do believe that this was my best training week ever!  Even though I did Core and More, I took things very easily and didn’t work myself out too hard.  My legs were able to handle over 20 miles of running this week…just a few months ago I was barely running that much in a month!  My knees are not crying as much and I really do feel like a “real” runner again.  Grade:  A+!  Welcome back, Janelle!

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