Chasing Joy and Rock & Roll Philly Half Training: Week 4 Recap

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Aug 04

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was nice and long, but definitely could have been longer!  Rock and Roll Philly Half Marathon training has been going really well!  It’s not exactly perfect, but I’m still just grateful that my body is strong enough to run!

Chasing Joy Brunch and Learn

On Saturday I attended a Brunch and Learn hosted by Arlett at Chasing Joy discussing The Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction is that you are like a magnet, and the Universe (stay with me here, lol) gives you what you focused on/attracted to.  So if you are focused on doubts and negativity, this tends to be what is drawn to your life.  There were presentations by S.H.A.R.E Counseling and Therapy Services focusing on this concept, and the speakers talked about stress management, wellness and goal setting.

Stress can be a killer, right?  Making sure that you have a balance in your social, emotional, physical, and spritual attributes is so important, as they are all interconnected.  And when it comes to setting goals, you can have all the best-laid plans, but have to be ready to take them on!

We also talked about the benefits of journaling, vision boards, and using mantras to keep attracting the things that we want in our life.  I want to be more proactive inhaving a happier life and keep working towards all of my numerous goals.  After this meeting I realized I have even a few more personal goals to tackle!

chasing joy august event
Arlett and I at Chasing Joy Brunch & Learn

While the material sounds a bit heavy, this event was so much fun!  It was great to see a nice sized group of women that were open to learning strategies to handle stress and “chase joy”.  Everyone was so friendly.  It was also nice that there were lots of raffles for great giveaways.  I was lucky enough to win some corkboard to use for a new vision board!  Thanks so much Arlett for putting on a great brunch and learn–and Maggiano’s was delicious!

Week 4 Training Recap:

Monday 7/28:  Good old rest day.

Tuesday 7/29:  3 mile easy solo run at 10:50 average pace.  It’s funny because it felt like I was moving so much faster than that!  The weather was in the 70’s so for once I wasn’t a sweaty mess post-afternoon run!

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Wednesday 7/30:  I donated blood to the Red Cross at work.  It’s something I really should do more often!  I felt fine afterwards, but realized I was pretty beat when I got home.  Lots of napping!

Thursday 7/31:  A night of kickball.  It was a fun game and I got 2 runs, but we lost by one point.  It’s always a good workout sprinting around the bases!

Friday 8/1:  No scheduled workouts.  My quads were so sore from kickball…I need to foam roll after my games!

Saturday 8/2:  5.10 mile run with Bret at 11:41 pace on Forbidden Drive.  It started out slow but then I found that sweet spot.  It really is my favorite place to’s so scenic and peaceful, especially on Saturday mornings!

Sunday 8/3:  3.10 miles solo at 10:31 pace.  It was a misty day and I was feeling like a rock star…at first!  I wavered between feeling perfect and feeling good, but at least there was no pain!  I also had some Bruno Mars to keep me company, which helped.  Pre-run, I finally did my exercises:  clam shells, leg raises, one legged squats and regular squats.

Proof I don’t make this stuff up!

Week 4 Report Card:

This past week was a step-back week with a 5 mile long run, and because I had a huge running gap between Tuesday and Saturday (it’s so funny to say that now…), I have to admit that I slacked off since I had “nothing” to do.  I didn’t do my prehab exercises nearly as much as I needed to, and with my knees feeling creaky these days, it’s not a good move.  I really need to try to work up to doing them every other day.  So for that, I only give myself a B.  But that’s not that bad!  I’m very excited that my new water bottle is coming in the mail and I’ll get to play around with it.  Week 5 is even more exciting because I am moving to four day a week runs:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  I will be up to 19 miles a week, and going up from there, I still can’t believe it!

All runs should be happy.

What fun things did you do this weekend?  How was your running and workouts?

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