City Fit Girls Fit Retreat 2014 Recap

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | nutrition

Aug 31

How’s your Labor Day weekend going so far?  I hope you’re enjoying it!  For me, it’s so nice to be out of the city and with family.  Last weekend I attended the FitRetreat hosted by City Fit Girls.  I’ve mentioned that I’m a new City Fit Girls Ambassador, and so far the experience has been really awesome!  Let me tell you about the great time I had!

Check out my recap of the City Fit Girls FitRetreat that took place in Philadelphia!  You can find more on running, fitness, and  healthy living at!

Fit Retreat PHL 2014

I have been excited about FitRetreat for what feels like an eternity!  Being a fitness junkie, I had this event on my radar for awhile.  I went to the Be Well Philly Boot Camp in June and had a great time, so I knew this was right up my alley.  I even encouraged my sister and some friends to come out.   As a City Fit Girls Ambassador, I was able to come in early and help with the morning preparations.  Over 100 women were coming to Impact Hub Philly to work out, learn healthy habits, and have fun!

Thanks for coming bright and early!


Yoga with Grace & Glory Yoga

I started off the day with an AM yoga session with the instructors from Grace and Glory Yoga.  This was the first full-blown yoga session I had in SEVERAL weeks, so I was really rusty.  We were jam-packed in the room which made things nice and cozy.  My sister used one of my old mats and was right behind me, doing yoga for the first time.  From what I could see, she really enjoyed it!  I was still pretty sore from that darn speedwork a couple days prior, but I felt good!

A really fun yet challenging Yoga class!


The Psychology of Eating with Juliet Burgh

I ended up jumping into this class a little bit late…after yoga I wandered around a bit, checking out the vendors.  As I arrived at this session Juliet Burgh from Unite Fitness was answering questions about nutrition, and also discussing how important it is for us to be positive role models for young girls who may be “inheriting” certain views towards dieting and their body images.  It is so important for us all to love our bodies the way they are, and to share that message!  We can’t keep comparing ourselves to each other, or subliminally putting each other down.  Let’s be positive and work on being the best kind of healthy we can be as individuals!

A great talk on the psychology of eating!

Urban Biking Basics with Women Bike PHL

This may have been one of my favorite sessions of all.  I have an old bicycle that my old boss gave to me, and since dating Bret, I’ve been riding it more frequently.  But I still have a lot to learn, especially with navigating the not-so-friendly streets of Philadelphia.  It was standing room only by the time I got to the session (I just HAD to get a free massage with Phila Massages while I could!).  Katie Monroe of Women Bike PHL gave the fundamentals of the rules of the road, the types of bike lanes available, how to safely ride over trolley tracks (perpendicular!), and how to tie up your bike on the street (without getting it stolen).  It really encouraged me to use my bike more as a form of transportation!

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I was also excited to learn that the long-awaited Bike Share program is finally coming to Philly this spring!  We are finally catching up to the likes of New York and DC.  I think it will be great for the city.  They had the bikes on display at FitRetreat, and they look great!

Learning the rules of the road with Urban Biking Basics

Kickboxing and Self-Defense

This class was intense!  Hosted by King Fitness, we were separated into different groups and we took turns doing different types of workouts.  We would be doing punching and kicking routines (thanks to Core and More class I’m pretty good at those), squats, jumping jacks or using a punching mat, or we could be working on some self-defense moves.

Colleen, fellow City Fit Girls Ambassador and blogger at Keep it Real Clean was my partner for some kicks (I held the mat) and let me say, she almost knocked me out, more than once!  She’s got a powerful kick, haha!  It was a lot of fun.

Kickboxing was intense!

Strength and Conditioning with Jayel Lewis

This was the final workout for the day, and by the time I got to it I was BEAT.  So unfortunately I didn’t have my usual energy for all of the squats and planking that we did.  But Jayel was really motivating and we had a good time in the class.

Lunch was provided by sweetgreen and juices were available from Ryan Crown Juice Club. They were both so yummy!  I also made sure to bring my own snacks to stay fueled despite burning a billion calories in 5 hours!

Delicious juice featuring carrots and ginger!

Some of the vendors at FitRetreat

Some women enjoying HIIT workout

Thank you so much to Kiera and Takia of City Fit Girls for putting together an incredible event!  Everyone I saw was full of smiles!  I was sore for days!  If you want to learn more about the awesomeness of City Fit Girls, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!  I can’t wait for the next event!

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