RnR Philly Week 10 Training: Taper Time

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Sep 15

Hey, I hope you had a great weekend!  Did the temperature drop in your area?  People are starting to break out their fall jackets since we’ve gone down to the 60’s.  For me, this change couldn’t have come at the perfect time since next weekend will be the Rock and Roll Philly Running Festival!  The 5K is on Saturday, and the half marathon is on Sunday!  I’m in the final stretch!

Me after my last long run this weekend!

Tapering for a Race:

While I have three half marathons and 2 10-milers under my belt, this is the first time I am actually tapering for a race.  Tapering is defined as a significant drop in mileage that begins about 1-2 weeks before a long distance race.  The purpose of tapering is to keep your legs fresh for the big day.

I’m so fortunate to have worked with Coach Kristy and to follow her training plan.  In the past, I would follow something I picked up online or in Runner’s World and just blindly follow the mileage given each day.  Three years ago, I distinctly remember running the 12 mile long run the weekend before my race!  I certainly know better now!

I have to say though that is is weird to be back down to a reduced mileage.  At certain points of my training I was running 4 days a week.  Now, all I have left is a 2 mile run and the Rock and Roll 5K.  I hope I don’t get too restless!

I’ve read that doing some exercise is good during the taper to keep yourself from getting too antsy.  This was the first Sunday in a LONG time that I did not have to run…it does feel weird!  I was considering doing some yoga this week, but I don’t want to worry about any soreness.  I may do cardio kickboxing just for fun.  How do you keep yourself occupied while you taper?

Week 10 Training Recap:

Monday 9/8:  Rest Day.

Tuesday 9/9:  I did a 40 minute Yoga Class on Yogadownload.com.  I’m thinking ahead about post-training life and really want to get back into my practice.  I am definitely still rusty!

Wednesday 9/10:  5 mile easy run with several 30 second strides in the last mile., 11:05 average pace.  The strides were fun!

Thursday 9/11:  Rest!

Friday 9/12:  A busy day off with lots of errands, but I was able to get in plenty of walking in Center City as Bret and I had date night at the Beer Garden in Independence Hall.  Philly is really showing out…too many fun options in the city!

Saturday 9/13:  6 mile run with 11:24 average pace.  The last mile we kicked it up a notch.  We went to my favorite place, Forbidden Drive.  Perfect running weather!

Independence Beer Garden (source)

Week 10 Report Card:

Well, this is pretty much it!  I’ve only got 5 miles to go and just a few more days until the Rock and Roll Philly Half Marathon!  I give Week 10 an A, since it was so easy!  I still don’t know how things will go on race day, so hopefully Kristy and I will have a nice long talk very soon.

Stay tuned for my next post as I will share my race goals for the 5K and Half Marathon!  Hope you have a great week!

Did you have any races this weekend?  Are you enjoying the Fall weather?  

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