Friday Five: Happy Halloween!

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Oct 31

Happy Friday, and Happy Halloween!  In what seems like ages, I am linking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed For What, and Mar at Mar On the Run for the Friday Five!  So I’m sure you can guess what the theme is this weekend:  Halloween!

Five Things I Love About Halloween:

  1. Creative Costumes:  I always love seeing what people come up with for costumes!  I always end up with something lame or store-bought.  I’ve never been creative in that way, so I have to live through other people!
  2. Haunted Houses:  I always have a blast.  In elementary school our art teacher would set one up every year and have us take part in the fun.  Since then, I just love being scared!  Philly has the Eastern State Penitentiary which is a lot of fun…I still haven’t made it there this year (darn PE exam!).
  3. Halloween Parties:  How could you not?  I have so many great memories of Halloween parties over the years, as a kid and an adult.  Even as a student and alum at Penn I’ve had a blast at their sponsored events.
  4. Adorable Little Kids:  I love seeing the kiddies out Trick or Treating, it’s soo cute!
  5. Candy, Candy, Candy:  Sorry, I know I talk about being healthy, but Halloween is not the time for that.  I’m all about miniature Butterfingers, Snickers, Reese’s Cups, Twizzlers, Candy apples, anything I can get my hands on!  I wish I could get trick-or-treaters to come to my place just for an excuse to have candy in the house!

Throwback Halloween Party with my friend Maria in 2009

Do you like Halloween?  What’s your favorite Halloween memory?

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