My Next Race: Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge 10K

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Oct 15

Hey!  I have missed you guys!  It’s been another short hiatus here at Run With No Regrets, but as always, it’s for good reason!

PE Exam Almost Here!

I mentioned in my Fall Plans post that I’m preparing for my Professional Engineering exam.  And let me tell you, that takes up a TON of time.  I am constantly reading over concepts, working on practice problems and exams, and organizing my notes.  It’s an open book exam, so you’re allowed to bring everything but the kitchen sink! It’s coming up on October 24, so I’m getting to crunch time!  My emotions right now are all over the place:  from intense stress (with the headache to match), to motivation, to complete hopelessness…there’s never enough time to do everything I need to do!

BUT, I’m doing my best to stay strong and keep a positive attitude.  This exam means a lot to me and no matter what happens, I don’t want to say I went into it unprepared.  So for that reason, I won’t be blogging much until that monkey is off my back!

Just a handful of all my study materials!

Workout Progress

In my last post I talked about the types of workouts I want to do since I’m done half marathon training.  Well, it hasn’t been going exactly to plan.  I’m still doing lunchtime cardio kickboxing 1-2 times a week, but my running on the weekends has been nonexistent.  I am doing more yoga though (and still hurting from Saturday!), and I’m looking to squeeze in a run or 2 during the week at lunch. I can really tell that I’m losing my overall strength and flexibility, yuck!

Getting ready for yoga

My First Guest Post!

I am so excited to share that I have written my very first guest post!  One of the things that I love about blogging is the opportunity to connect with other bloggers who are so kind and helpful.  I have been blog friends with Amanda from Eat Hard Work Hard for awhile now, and I jumped at the opportunity to write for her while she’s away.

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Please check out my post on Why You Need a Dietitian over at her blog!  When my time frees up, I will be working on writing more posts along this vein; providing healthy tips based on my experiences!

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City Fit Girls Ambassadorship

For the past few months I’ve been a City Fit Girls Ambassador and it’s been an AMAZING experience.  I’ve met some very cool young ladies who are passionate about health and fitness, and it’s been such an encouraging experience as we motivate and encourage each other on Instagram and at events. The FitRetreat in August was a blast, and now we’ve even got our own apparel!

Well now I’m pleased to announce that the Ambassador Program is open again!  While originally based in Philly, City Fit Girls is nationwide!  Check out the website and apply!  Any questions, just ask!

I feel like I’m part of a movement!   Once my schedule opens up, I look forward to joining in on the CFG weekly group runs.  I never run with girls so I’m really excited about it!

Run the Bridge 10K

Finally I’m getting to the main event, the Run the Bridge 10K.  I’ve just signed up for this race taking place on November 2, my 3rd attempt at running a 10K (I have had a bit of a 10K curse…don’t ask!)  The race goes across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, so it should be pretty intense!  I’m trying to get a few friends to join me.

Since I’ve never run a 10K I don’t feel any pressure to finish within a certain time.  I’m starting to go for short runs at lunch during the week; it was great to slap on my Nike+ watch again after so long! Hopefully I can do a decent job at the race!  Any tips for running a successful 10K? 

First real run post-half marathon!

Well, I’m glad I was able to check in briefly.  Hope everything is great in your world!  Tell me what’s been going on!

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