Weekly Recap: Philly Marathon and DC Running

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | race recap

Nov 24

Happy Monday!!  I am still in denial that Thanksgiving is 3. Days. Away.  I don’t even have a turkey or a menu planned yet!  Anyone else as lazy about this holiday as I am this year??

But anyway, I had a pretty great weekend which I wish didn’t end!  I was actually feeling a bit under the weather much of last week, but now I’m feeling much better!  I spent time with my sister down in DC and got to enjoy the Philly Marathon as a spectator!

Philly Marathon Spectating

In 2011, I watched my friends run the half and full marathon and fell absolutely in love.  In 2012, I ran the half marathon.  In 2013, I watched my friends and boyfriend run the half and full marathon.  This year, I went out to support the City Fit Girls running the race!

As much as I have lamented lately about being bored by races in Philadelphia, I don’t feel the same way about this race.  I love the course and the energy is great!  Even though my half marathon performance was THE worst that year, I was glad that I was able to get through it with the help of the crowd and my friend Sonya who ran it with me!

But anyway, the City Fit Girls were taking over the Mile 1 Cheer Zone for the race, and we had to get there before the 7 am start.  Security was just as heavy as last year, but not crazy.  Several other girls were there with awesome signs!  I brought a cowbell to bring in the noise!

The awesome band at our Cheering Zone

It was great to be there and to high five the girls.  I planned on getting brunch at Sabrina’s after cheering, so I separated and went to the ever-so-popular spot to get some grub.  Bret and I ended up feasting together after a very long wait…but tell me the eggs benedict and French toast special don’t look to die for!

Amazing French toast at Sabrina’s

Weekend in DC

washington monument

Beautiful view of Washington monument

I was excited to be heading down to visit my sister on Friday.  It has actually been quite some time since visiting since I so busy studying for the PE during the weekends.  I actually ended up crashing her ASHE conference in DC and spent time at the open bar at the Penn networking reception!  I was able to meet/catch up with some of her educator/PhD colleagues and just have a good time.

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We actually stayed at a hotel overnight, so on Saturday morning, we went to the gym for a little bit, but since I had to move my car, I realized that it was actually good running weather!  Sure it may have been barely 30 degrees, but we could handle it!  My sister was a little reluctant at first, but I think she enjoyed it!  I’ve never run in DC, and it was fun seeing the sights.

Me and Sis at the White House

Weekly Workouts:

It’s still on my bucket list to run a race in the Nation’s Capital!  I’m thinking of putting in the lottery for the Cherry Blossom Run in April.  Maybe I could get my sister to join in too–tell her what a great idea it would be!  😉

Monday 11/17:  I can’t even remember!  I think this was a day off.

Tuesday 11/18:  Boot Camp Class, the first in probably 6 months or so.

Wednesday 11/19:  An abrupt Core and More Class at lunch since I was stuck working out in the field in 20 degree weather.  Still appreciated those 10 minutes!  Then I had a brief group run with City Fit Girls…I was a few minutes late so I only made it through part of the run.  But it was still fun!

Thursday 11/20:  We had playoffs for Kickball.  We had our first win of the season, which meant we had another game right after!  Unfortunately we weren’t able to come up with the win.  But I was so glad we ended the season on a high note!

Friday 11/21:  Day off, just did a short yoga class for immunity from yogadownload.com.  I think it may have actually helped!

Saturday 11/22:  2.66 miles running and sightseeing through DC, plus I did spend about 15 minutes on the recumbent bike at the hotel gym.

Sunday 11/23:  No workouts besides walking to and from the Philly Marathon!

Trust me, I wish I was wearing full pants!

Did you have any races this weekend?  Where’s the best place to run in Washington, DC?

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