Weekly Recap: Active Week, Productive Weekend

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Nov 17

Happy Monday!  Here we are, 10 days away from Thanksgiving.  Say WHAT!  I don’t have anything remotely set in stone.  And after Thanksgiving comes Black Friday Christmas shopping.  I need to start getting my lists together!

This past week, the weather was all over the place.  Some days were in the 60’s and others were in the 30’s.  You gotta love it.  As much as I enjoy running in the cold, I really would like to avoid it as long as possible!

Fun Times With Friends

I had lot of fun with friends this week and weekend, which was definitely a treat.  Back on Monday night I was able to catch some of the Eagles blowout at a bar with friends.  Then on Friday I got to watch a fun rom-com and get my hair done by my self-proclaimed “ultra-natural” pal, then head out to catch up with a dear friend from Villanova who was in town for the week.  On Saturday, Bret and I went to the burbs with friends for dinner and drinks at Forest and Main Brewing Company.  The place is literally like having dinner at an old lady’s house.  It’s our kind of hipstery place!

carrot cake

Delicious carrot cake at Forest and Main

Meat and Produce at the Reading Terminal Market

Sundays tend to be when I take care of various errands.  Since I was in a particularly non-lazy mood, I decided to get some long overdue fruits, vegetables and meats at Reading Terminal Market.

I love shopping there because the food is fresh and of high quality and the prices are great.  I’m one of those weirdos that loves grocery shopping in general…it’s just a space where I can relax and get inspiration on things to cook.  I bought a butternut squash, pineapple, grape tomatoes, kale, red lettuce, spinach, onions and peppers of various colors, celery, carrots, mushrooms, and who knows what else!  When I checked out, one of the cashiers really wanted to know what I was planning to make with all my food.  I told him “I don’t know, but I’m going to figure it out!”  At the meat market, I got chicken breast, ground beef, and a second ground meat mix that I look forward to experimenting with.  Yay to cooking healthy again!  Now to find some recipes!

Yummy veggies at Reading Terminal Market

Workouts for the Week:

Monday 11/10:  It was our last day in Bucks County and it was the only day we didn’t work out!

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Tuesday 11/11:  I originally planned on doing yoga but was so busy I didn’t get around to it…

Wednesday 11/12: Core and More Class at lunch, fun as always. Since it was my night to make dinner, I passed on the City Fit Girls Group Run and instead practiced 45 minutes of yoga on yogadownload.com.  I really need to get back into it, my form and strength is not what it used to be…

Thursday 11/13:  I went for a 2 mile run at lunch, 10:27 pace.  It wasn’t the best though…my shins were really bothering me, which I’m not used to.  I’ll have to keep an eye on things.  Then we had kickball that night.  It was raining, so I knew it was going to be a sloppy game.  What I didn’t realize was that we’d get our first snowfall!  It was so picturesque out on the field with the tiny snow flakes falling! Didn’t stick, but made for a fun game.

Friday 11/14:  Another solid Core and More Class.

Saturday 11/15:  No workouts!  My body begged for rest!

Sunday 11/16:  I went to a yoga class hosted by the Society of Women Engineers at University of Penn.  Great workout, but I’m realizing my upper body strength and core need serious work!  But I was able to meet some new people, which was nice.

How was your weekend?  Did you have any races or health and fitness accomplishments?

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