2014 End of the Year Recap

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Dec 26

Wow, it’s the day after Christmas!  If you celebrate, I hope it was lovely for you!  I am still off in Nebraska with Bret’s family and it’s been wonderful being back here for the holidays.  As it is Friday, I’m linking up with Mar on the Run, You Signed Up For What, and Eat Pray Run DC for the Friday 5.  This week is actually a free-for-all, so I look forward to seeing what all the other ladies will be writing this week!

End of the Year Recap


Miss Zippy 1 has a link up every year where we give a recap on our year of running.  I actually did participate last year, so now I’m going to share for 2014 as we inch ever closer to the start of 2015!

Best Race Experience:  I mentioned in my last post that the Clean Air Council 5K was my favorite race this year from beginning to end.  On top of that, I’ll have to say that the Run the Bridge 10K was another great race, my last of the year!  It was super cold and windy but I loved the energy of the race.  Not to mention, Bret and I were able to run side-by-side and finish with big smiles on our faces.

Run the Bridge 10K

Run the Bridge 10K

Best Run:  My favorite runs this year by far were on the trails!  Forbidden Drive along the Wissahickon Creek has absolutely become a favorite of mine and it NEVER gets old.  I always get lost in the scenery and appreciate the lighter impact on my feet!

Best New Piece of Gear:  Last year when I wrote this post I hadn’t yet received my Nike Plus watch for Christmas!  Over the past year, it has truly become one of my favorite and most reliable running buddies!  While it’s not perfect (instantaneous pace is always 20-30 seconds slower than the watch indicates), it’s really been a great training tool.  I love posting my workouts on Instagram, as my followers have probably noticed!

Best Piece of Running Advice Received:  I think the best advice I got was from my running Coach Kristy:  Do your prehab!  I can definitely attest that exercises for injury prevention is the key to success.  It’s so annoying sometimes, as foam rolling takes extra time, but I  know that it has made a big difference to me.  I haven’t had to ice anything in a very long time!

Most Inspirational Runner:  She may be surprised by this, but my sister Jennifer is my biggest inspiration this year.  She ran her first 5K this year and has been diligently hitting the treadmill.  We will both be running the Cherry Blossom in April; she’ll be doing the 5K!  I hope she keeps up the great work!!

If You Could Sum Up the Year In a Couple of Words, What Would They Be?:  Goals conquered!  I was able to run an injury-free half marathon and finally run a 10K!  Not to mention, I am a Professional Engineer, the biggest goal I had for 2014!  Life is great!


How would you answer any of the above questions?  How was your year of running?  

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