My 2015 Race Schedule

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Dec 17

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I’ve mentioned a few times how I just can’t believe that the end of 2014 is finally here.  To say the least, it’s been interesting! In the next several posts I’ll be giving a recap of the year, but for right now I want to tell you what I’ve got planned to race on 2015!

2015 Race Schedule

I’ve been very blessed that 2014 has been my comeback year for running.  It was so hard suffering through injury after injury, and I never want to live that life again!  Doing well at the Rock and Roll Half Marathon with Coach Kristy really gave me the confidence that I desperately needed.  So my strategy for 2015 is to continue running and add more long-distance races throughout the year.  Am I ready for the full marathon yet?  I am so tempted, but Bret is right–it’s still too soon.  But in 2016, there will be no excuses!

The theme for 2015 is VARIETY.  I’ve realized as a Philly Runner that I am bored!  Most races in some way incorporate Kelly Drive and/or MLK Drive, and I can only take so much of that. Next year there are a lot of races that will be a first for me, which I think will add to the excitement!  It will also take away the pressure of meeting a certain finishing time.


  • Valentine’s Day Run (wherever we are that weekend)
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At the top of the 50th floor, soon to head up for take two!

At the top of the 50th floor, soon to head up for take two!



My friend Erin and I at the Clean Air 5K this year


  • 5/30:  Zooma Annapolis 10K…I’m very excited to run this with a former coworker next year!


Bret ran this race in 2014!

Bret ran this race in 2014!


  • An Independence Day 5K


Philly 10k 2014

Volunteering at the Philly 10K on Spring Garden


  • 10/17: Runner’s World 10K, another race that I have yet to do.  Hoping 2015 is finally my year!


  • 11/8:  Trenton 10K…heard great things about it and I’m craving to run more bridges!
  • 11/26:  Buffalo YMCA 8K Turkey Trot…my dear hometown and apparently one of the oldest races in the country.  Should be fun!


  • Holiday-themed race…ugly sweater run?

Do you have your race schedule set for 2015?  What are you most looking forward to in the New Year? 

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