Friday 5 Favorite Winter Activities

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Dec 12

Hey we made it!  It’s Friday and this week I’m joining the DC Trifecta:  Cynthia at You Signed Up For What, Mar at Mar on the Run, and Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC for the Friday Five!  It’s really been fun linking up with them this year!


Favorite Winter Activities

Being born and raised in Buffalo, New York, I love the snow and I love winter weather.  I have so many fond memories of playing in the snow as a kid, and I still get excited when the flurries are falling from the sky!  For the Friday Five, here’s what I love about the winter!

Snowball Fights

I’ve recently learned that I enjoy a good snowball fight!  For some reason my dear boyfriend likes to attack me with snowballs and I have to defend myself!  Believe it or not, it can actually turn into a pretty good workout!  When Bret and I were in New York City for a weekend, we had the craziest snowball fight in the Upper East Side.  Slipping, sliding down narrow streets and trying to avoid passersby.  I’m sure we embarrassed the hell out of ourselves but we had a blast.  Oh, and I won of course!  😉

Admiring Christmas Lights

They’re just so pretty!  In my old neighborhood growing up, having the best Christmas lights on the block was a badge of honor!  We were never over the top with our decorations at my house, but it was always fun seeing my mom and sister strategize and conceptualize how to decorate the windows and porch with colors and white lights.  One of my favorite things is driving through the neighborhoods that go all out with their Christmas lights and decorations!  Plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s free! There’s actually an event each year where a huge group runs through South Philly all decorated in lights….I wish I could have joined in the fun!

South Philly full of lights!


A few years ago my friends introduced me to the world of snowboarding.  I’ve tried skiing in the past, and I was TERRIBLE.  But snowboarding looked like a fun challenge, and it really is!  I’m definitely not a natural at it, and I get scared when I really start going fast, but it’s exhilarating, especially when I realize I”m not going to fall and that I’m in control!  It’s also an amazing low body workout, as you’re working your quads and hips.  I always end up in SO much pain after a long day of boarding–so it’s definitely a good source of cross training!



It looks like we’re finally going to plan a big trip to ski country in the Poconos this winter…it’s been a long time coming!   My friends that I used to snowboard with all moved away, and I really miss those times we shared together.  And Cracker Barrel was always our hangout spot on the way back home!  Ahh…memories!

Miss these fun times!

Miss these ladies and fun times!

Ice Skating

I love ice skating!  When I was a kid I was frequently invited to ice skating parties, and I always had a great time.  For some reason I stink at rollerskating, but when I’m ice skating I look much less awkward!  Somehow I have deprived myself for YEARS of this activity, and probably haven’t ice skated since high school!  In Philly we are now SPOILED with lots of options to go at a low price, from the River Rink, to the Piazza, and now the new Rothman Rink at City Hall.   So I better get my butt in some skates this winter!

Rothman Ice Rink Dilworth Park

The new Rothman Ice Rink in Dilworth Park


How could I not finish with running?  I have truly grown to love running in the winter time.  I never stay cold for too long!  There’s something peaceful about running in the snow.  I just admire everything around me and have such a great time not thinking about anything.  When I ran in Central Park for the first time last winter, it was an amazing experience.  I hope to get back there soon!

running in winter

Running in Pennypack Park last winter

What are your favorite things to do in the winter time? 

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