Cherry Blossom Training: Week 1

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Feb 04

Happy Wednesday!  I can’t believe we’re already into February…this year is already going by too fast for me!

I’m a little late in posting this week, but I’m happy to be able to share my Cherry Blossom Run training progress with the Workout Wednesday Crew:  Diatta at Femme Fitale Fit Club, and Sheila at The Frugal Exerciser.  This is a great linkup for bloggers that love fitness and for anyone interested in finding new workouts!

Cherry Blossom Training Recap

Week 1 Training Recap:

Monday 1/26:  2 miles on the treadmill with 11:19 pace.  Even though there was the predicted Nor’easter, the weather actually wasn’t bad yet so I probably could have taken it outside.  Instead I was in the work gym watching Paternity Test Reveals on Maury…lol!

Tuesday 1/27:  Boot Camp after work.  We did a lot of squats, burpees, and core work as always.  Strangely enough the 8-pound weights are starting to feel too light so I worked with 10’s.  My hamstrings were feeling tight so I spent some time foam rolling and stretching after my workout.

Wednesday 1/28:  Cardio Kickboxing at lunch…a lot tougher than usual, but fun!  Then after work I did my 2-mile training run (ended up 10:53 pace) followed by 6 30-second strides.  Last, I was finally able to practice yoga:  55 minutes of work focusing on hamstrings and hips.

Thursday 1/29:  I had my 4-mile run featuring hill repeats!   I had to do five 30-second uphill sprints at a hard effort, then walk down each time, then finish running to 4 miles.  I was a little worried that I wasn’t doing it right, and I wasn’t sure that the hills I used were steep enough…but I’m working on it.  Definitely a good new challenge!

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Friday 1/30:  A COMPLETE day of rest…much needed!

Saturday 1/31:  While visiting my brother, I had an awesome run down in Virginia on the Mt. Vernon trail.  I started out below the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and ran an out and back for a little over 5 miles at an 11:25 pace.  It was very cold out and my knees felt a little creaky by the end, but it got done!

Sunday 2/1:  Another day of rest!

4 mile training run

My 4 mile hill training run was legit!

Week 1 Report Card:

I’m very happy with my first week of Cherry Blossom training!  I was pretty much on target for all of my runs, and I am working on doing a better job of keeping the slower,11:30 pace.  Coach Kristy has been tracking my progress as I upload each running workout, and providing comments to let me know where to improve.  I’m already in the middle of Week 2 training with one run down and 3 to go…wish me luck!  For Week 1, I’m giving myself an A!

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How have your workouts been going?  How do you handle running hills – any tips? 

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