Cherry Blossom Training: Week 4 Recap

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Feb 25

Hey, it’s Hump Day!  Hopefully you’re having a good week so far.  Work is still crazy busy and I’m already chasing the weekend!

I’m linking up with Workout Wednesday with Diatta from Femme Fitale Fit Club and Sheila from The Frugal Exerciser.  Check out how my training for the Cherry Blossom Run is going!

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Cherry Blossom Training Recap

Week 4 Training Recap:

Tuesday 2/17:  Boot Camp Class.  I ended up a little bit late but I still got in a quality workout with lots of upper body focus and core work.

Wednesday 2/18:  3 mile run with strides.  I have a nice trail near work that I run during lunch, so I decided to use it after work.  I didn’t realize that the trail was NOT cleared so it was a few inches deep of snow!  Regardless, I got it done and it was a SLOW GO.  I really had a lot of fun!

Thursday 2/19:  Thursdays are for hill runs…and I was “lucky” to have this run in 17 degree weather!  I did 6 x 30 second hill repeats in the blistering cold, which was pretty interesting.  After that I was able to finish up my 4 miles at a really good pace.  I felt great!

Friday 2/20:  Rest day!  I had a special lunch with my female engineering coworkers so I missed out on Cardio Kickboxing.

Saturday 2/21:  As I mentioned on Monday, we got a lot of snow!  So I took it as another rest day!

Sunday 2/22:  The snowy weather from Saturday forced me to move my 5-mile long run to Sunday.  While I thought the weather would be more favorable, it was a complete mess with all of the puddles and slush!  I actually slipped early in my run and hurt my foot, but it thankfully did no damage.  I was able to finish over 5 miles with around an 11 minute average pace!  I tried to consciously slow down the last few miles because I felt I was going too fast.

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Monday 2/23:  Rest day.  I had a dental appointment after work so I shuffled my runs around for this week.

Tuesday 2/24:  Boot Camp Class, which had a lot more cardio than usual.  I really love how much my form for squats and planks has improved!  After that I ran 3.25 miles on the treadmill.  Unfortunately, my shins were NOT feeling it at all, so I had to take 3 walk breaks.  But after my run, I made the time to stretch my hips, do clamshells, one legged deadlifts, and donkey kicks.

Week 4 Report Card:

Cherry Blossom Training is going pretty well and I’m so excited with my progress after each week passes.  I will say though that I did not work as diligently on my strengthening exercises this past week.  My days at work have been really long, so when I add a run on top of that, I’m completely spent when I finally have time to be still!  I have been foam rolling after my runs, but I’ve been neglecting my hip stretches and glutes.  I need to make the time for prehab!

Another thing…I was supposed to get some fuel to start using on my long runs as advised by Coach Kristy.  When I trained for the Rock and Roll Philly Half, I used Clif Shot Bloks and they were great!  Unfortunately, I haven’t bought any yet since they are WAY too expensive on Amazon right now…so I need to stock up ASAP!

So I will give week 4 a B+!  I’m just so thankful that everything has been going so well.

How has your training been lately?  What are you looking forward to in the next few weeks? 

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