Cherry Blossom Training: Week 5 Recap

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Mar 04

Happy Hump Day!  I’m still getting used to it being March. Somehow time flies much faster than I want it to, even though February was the longest 28 days ever!  The winter continues to be brutal in Philly…we’ve got more snow on the way and have had freezing rain and ice storms during the week.  The temperature swings from upper 30’s to the teens and back…I’m just completely over it!

But back to my Cherry Blossom training…I’m linking up with Workout Wednesday with Diatta from Femme Fitale Fit Club and Sheila from The Frugal Exerciser.  Check out their pages and see all the posts featuring our favorite workouts!

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Cherry Blossom Training Recap

City Fit Girls Instagram Photo Challenge in March


But one thing that I’m enjoying now is a Photo Challenge sponsored by City Fit Girls on Instagram.  During the month of March, every day we are tagging @cityfitgirls and sharing a photo following the theme of the day. So far I’ve shared my monthly goals, my healthy breakfast, and me in my hometown of Buffalo, NY.   (if you didn’t know, I’m on Instagram @runwithnoregrets!)   I love Instagram but I’ve always found it a pain to participate in photo challenges, but this time I’m really making the effort to get into it!  I’ve also just learned about Latergramme, so I’m taking a few photos in advance and scheduling them so that I can keep up!  Join in the fun and follow @CityFitGirls on Instagram – they’re giving away prizes each week!

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Week 5 Training Recap:

Seen at the end of my 8-mile run!

Wednesday 2/25:  Cardio Kickboxing class.  I am still not giving my 100% effort since I don’t want to overdo it, but it was great to punch and kick away the stresses of the week!

Thursday 2/26:  3 miles followed by strides.  I ended up with negative splits which was nice, since I didn’t feel that great starting out the run.  It was absolutely beautiful outside, and I had a nice long walk back home where I could just take in the sights.

Friday 2/27:  Even though I had the day off,  I ended up being so busy that I couldn’t run until the evening.  I did three 60 second hill repeats and ran a total of 4 miles.  I felt really good!  But I will NEVER run in the dark like that again…I was so scared!

Saturday 2/28:  My longest training long run to date – 8 miles!  I finished it in 1:28:46.  The 8-mile distance is always the scariest to me, but thankfully I ran strong and felt relatively pain-free!  The only thing was that I got a whole in the toe of my PROCompression sock…boo!

Sunday 3/1:  Rest day!

Monday 3/2:  I had the most incredible 4-mile run after work.  The weather was warm – upper 30’s, and everything clicked.  My run felt completely effortless and I felt that runner’s high!  I followed up with foot rolling, foam rolling, some bird dog for 30 seconds on each side, and “hydrants“, 30 seconds on each side.

Tuesday 3/3:  Boot Camp was cancelled because we had an ice storm rolling into the evening.  I was going to make up for it by using the Nike Training Club app, but after doing some chores and cooking/eating dinner, I crashed!  I was going to do the Squat Party 30 minute workout.  If you haven’t tried Nike Training, check out my post on why you should!  

Hill training at night

Hill training at night – never again!

Week 5 Report Card:

This past week was tough because I had to move around all of my runs to accommodate my schedule.  But thankfully I was able to survive running 3 days in a row!  And on top of that, the cold weather has been SUCH a drag.  I’ve been lucky that the really icy days haven’t impacted my runs so I’m going to continue to avoid the treadmill as long as possible.

Oh, and I finally got Clif Shot Bloks for my running fuel!  Strawberry was too expensive, so I’m trying the Tropical Punch this go ’round…hopefully I like it!  I didn’t get them until Sunday so they will make their debut this weekend.

In week 6 of training, I will be taking things up a notch – my shortest runs will be 4 miles and I’ll start doing speed work, not to mention moving my long run up to 9 miles.  I can’t deny that I’m nervous, please wish me luck!!

I give Week 5 an A-, only because I’ve been running a wee bit too fast per Coach Kristy! Again, I’m just so grateful everything is going well!

So happy!

So happy!

How have your workouts been?  Do you do Instagram challenges?   

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