Things I’ll Miss About Winter Race Training

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Mar 27

Hey there!  It’s Friday, March 27, a week has passed and spring is technically, officially here and winter is technically, officially over!  If you are happy about that, can I get an AMEN?!

Since beginning my running journey 4 years ago, this is the first winter I’ve had where I ran 95% of my runs outside..and it has been an amazing experience.  No, I’m serious!  It took a lot of hard work to get to this point, and I’m so grateful!  So I thought I would share how much I enjoyed training in the winter and why you should consider giving winter running a shot.  Though of course you’ll have to wait 9 months to try it for yourself!

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What to Love About Winter Race Training:

Maintain Your Fitness Year-Round

Janelle Running Green Shoot

When it’s cold out, the last thing you want to do is open the door and go for a run!  As a runner, maybe you focus more on cross training in the winter, but I know that I was quick to use the winter as an excuse to cut back on running and practically everything else!

But I’ve realized that training in the winter has done wonders for me keeping in shape, especially since I haven’t been eating the best (oops!).  Thanks to training for Cherry Blossom since January, I feel so much stronger at this time of year than I have in previous years.  As a runner, it’s beneficial to maintain a consistent base mileage so that it is easier to transition back to spring race training!

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I’ve also been keeping up with cardio kickboxing and boot camp class during lunch.  And yoga helps maintain flexibility and core strength.  Keeping active in all of these types of workouts has clearly improved my level of fitness and I feel so much better!

Fresh Air to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter running!

The air is about as fresh as it gets!

If your winter was anything like what we had in Philly, I’d be shocked if you didn’t experience a little bit of cabin fever and winter blues.  Thankfully this time around I didn’t have to dig my car out every few days like last year’s winter, but it was still a drag being trapped at home and trying to keep myself entertained!  The best cure I found for the winter blues though was going out for a run!  The fresh/cold air just takes everything away, and there are often beautiful blue skies to admire!

No Crowds, Fewer Distractions

At this time of year, lots of runners stay indoors on their treadmills to stay warm and avoid nasty conditions, which is a great way to train if you have regular access to one!  But for me, I discovered that I preferred the peace and solitude out on the trail, especially during the winter!  My mind is so much clearer and I have been able to come up with lots of ideas and cultivate deep thoughts while out on the run!  I used to think I needed to rely on running in a group, but thanks to the winter, I’ve come to crave my solo runs!

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I have to admit that I am dreading the massive crowds that will be running outside for the next several months.  Just last week when we had a day in the upper 50’s everyone and their mother was out, and not just runners but cyclists and skateboarders as well.  It can be very distracting running in such conditions, and I hate being cut off by runners and bikers!  I’ll have to work harder to find my tranquility off the beaten path…well, it was nice while it lasted!

Snow Running

Running in the snow!

Running in the snow!

I’ve already shared photos of how beautiful the snow has been, but my favorite thing has to be running in the snow!  It’s absolutely beautiful and it seems that I’m no longer traveling through time, if that makes sense!  I’m from Buffalo, New York, so snow always gives me fond memories and I light up like a little kid whenever it snows!  I’ll definitely have to buy Yaktraks to do some serious snow running next year, but just a few miles in the snow was a blast for me!

You’re Not Crazy, You’re Tough and an Inspiration!

The greatest revelation I’ve had while running outside this winter is realizing that I can handle pretty much any weather, even as it is consistently inconsistent. Fierce wind?  Single digits?  Frozen face?  Layers upon layers?  Sure, why not?!  And I know that some people look at me crazy when I mention running outdoors in these conditions but guess what?  I’m loving every minute of it!  And it’s NOT as bad as you’d think.  If you dress properly for the winter, then you shouldn’t be cold because of your layering system, not to mention all of the heat you’re generating from working out!  I actually think I’m going to miss the challenge of running in the cold!

During the winter, I regularly went for 2 miles during lunch or 3-4 miles after work.  I’ve had so many coworkers comment on my dedication and I can see that they admire what I do.  I even had a security officer ask me for some running tips!  I love being able to encourage others to try running, no matter what weather.   I’ve never been a fast runner, but I’m out there.  It proves to me that I do have “what it takes” and I am pretty darn tough too!

Running in Rock Creek Park

One of my coldest runs…10 degrees and still smiling!

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Do you think I’m crazy?  What will you miss about working out in the winter, if anything?  

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