Goals for the Cherry Blossom Run

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Apr 08

Happy Wednesday!  Another day, another dollar right?  It’s weird how slowly this week has been going.  On Monday night I had a blast watching Wisconsin vs. Duke, but was VERY disappointed in the outcome (spoiler alert – Duke won!).  I had predicted Wisconsin would win it all, and it was so CLOSE…but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  But on the bright side, I won my bracket pool, giving me bragging rights and a nice chunk of change!  Thanks Kentucky for busting everyone’s brackets!  But I digress…

Since it’s Wednesday, it’s time to talk about my training for the Cherry Blossom Run, which is THIS SUNDAY!  I’m sharing my updates as part of Workout Wednesday, hosted by Diatta from Femme Fitale Fit Club and Sheila from The Frugal Exerciser!  It’s a great linkup where fitness bloggers post great workouts and share lots of useful tips!  Be sure to show them some love!

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Cherry Blossom Training Recap

Game Plan for the Cherry Blossom Run:

It’s crazy to think that in a few days, this will all be over.  I began training for the Cherry Blossom Run on January 26, 2015.  I’ve been through a lot over these past few months, and I’ve truly grown as a runner in the process.  It’s been an incredible ride and I’m so grateful that I’ll be heading in to this race injury-free!

Racing Strategy from Coach Kristy:

Kristy has been leading me the entire way, and shared the following strategy for me:

  • Maintain 10:30 pace, being sure not to start out too fast or weave around other runners
  • Pick up the pace the last 2-3 miles of the race if possible
  • Watch out for the big hill towards to end of the race and then that’ll be it!
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Following Kristy’s plan, I should expect to finish the 10 miler in 1:40-1:45. I’ve mentioned earlier this year that I am not focusing on pace goals this year, but on having FUN!  Do you know how hard this is for me?  I want to do my best, by all means…but I’m way too much of a head case.  I’m hoping that the beautiful cherry blossoms, the energy of the crowd, and the gorgeous monuments in the Nation’s capital will distract me enough to just enjoy being in the moment.  I’ll try to snap some pics during the race too!

Fueling and Hydration:

I’ve been using Clif ShotBloks for my fueling, so I’ll be taking 3 bloks (100 calories) at mile 3-4, and again at mile 6-8.  I will carry the bloks in my handheld water bottle, but I will also make sure to stop for hydration at each water stop, just like I did for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon last September.  It’s been a bit awkward trying to run and handle the chews, so I’ll be careful not to drop any like I did in one of my earlier training runs. Thankfully the weather is forecast to be pretty nice, and I don’t have to worry about rain!  I can’t wait to see the gorgeous cherry blossoms!

Us running in DC for Valentine's Weekend - we're coming for you!

Us at the Metro in DC – we’re coming for you, Cherry Blossom Run!

Week 10 Training Recap:

Wednesday 4/1:  3-mile easy run.  It was a beautiful day and I had no complaints.      Then I met up with Bill and went to the batting cage!  The first round was cut short because the ball hit me in the face…but when I went back in I did much better.  I need to practice my swing!  Oh yeah, and I need a glove!

Thursday 4/2:  3-mile easy run.  I was going to run Thursday, but we had great weather so I decided to go ahead with it.  But I didn’t feel good at all.  Everything felt heavy

Friday 4/3:  Rest day!

Saturday 4/4:  6 mile long run in 1:03:34.  I felt great!  My friend Tom joined me for about 3 miles and it was just like old times…the time flew by and we had some great conversations.  The plan was to run 10:20 pace for miles 3 and 4, but I got a little lost in the moment, and when I sped up I ended up having splits at 10:05 and 9:36…oops!  Coach Kristy wasn’t happy, but thankfully no harm was done!

Sunday 4/5:  Rest!

Monday 4/6:  I went for a 3-mile run.  It was supposed to be easy, but it was very tough!  The weather was nearly 70 degrees and there was a heavy breeze!  I also ran a new route that was too hilly – not smart, Janelle.

Tuesday 4/7:  Boot Camp Class.  Another great workout for the core, thanks to the planking and bicycles.  My right knee didn’t feel so great when I was doing forward lunges…so I need to keep an eye on that.

So proud of this run!

So proud of this run!

Week 10 Report Card:

With all that has been said, I am going to give my final week of training a B+, because I could have tapered a little bit better.  I have an easy run set for today, which I WILL take easy on the treadmill!  And then I will completely rest until Sunday!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram and on Facebook – I’ll be sharing my updates during Cherry Blossom Weekend.  Wish me luck!

If you’ve run the Cherry Blossom Run before, do you have any last-minute pointers?    How do you lose the nerves before a big race?  

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