10 Running Blogs You Should Be Reading

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May 15

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a great week! I am so glad that we’re coming up to the weekend!

I’m linking up with Fitness Friday with Jill Conyers and for the first time, Friday Favorites with Life in Leggings! For the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing some of the favorite blogs that I follow, and why I think you should check them out if you haven’t already! These are 10 running blogs you should be reading!

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10 Running Blogs You Should Be Reading

Some of My Favorite Running Blogs

I read a lot of blogs, probably way more than the average person. Before I started blogging here at Run With No Regrets, I was reading running blogs and living through runners’ training while I was out with my stress fracture injury. That’s how I got inspired to write about my experiences when I was finally healthy enough to run again!

I read running blogs for a lot of reasons. I enjoy reading race recaps, following a runner’s training from week to week, and picking up practical tips along the way. Not to mention, I really enjoy product reviews and giveaways! But really, great writing and awesome content will keep me hooked.

Originally I was going to write about 5 blogs but I knew that wasn’t nearly enough, so I decided to feature 10 blogs. But it was really hard to choose which 10 blogs to share since I love so many! This is not an exhaustive list, but here are 10 running blogs you should be reading, in no particular order!

Taking the Long Way Home

I’ve been following Wendy’s blog for a while but lately it’s really been giving me life! I’m always riveted by her storytelling in her posts, and she’s so genuine and honest about her love of running. I also enjoy her post-run selfies that she posts on Facebook. Wendy has been killing it lately on her races, having an amazing experience at the Chicago Marathon last year and has been working really hard on her training and Crossfit. Did I forget to mention that she’s over 50 years old? Definitely check out her blog!

Mommy, Run Fast

Laura is another mother runner that inspires me! The name of the blog says it all, Laura is fast! She recently ran the Boston Marathon in under 4 hours, not too shabby since she just had a baby 8 months prior to the race! Laura is also a health coach and co-hosts the What’s for Dinner Meal Planning Linkup (that I need to start-up again). She’s always a great resource and it’s amazing to see how she balances it all.

Hit the Ground Running

I love Ali’s blog! Ali lives in Florida and I love her spirit. She’s absolutely adorable too, seriously! She recently had a great post about “Semantics” that was really thought-provoking…so I’m now calling “bad” runs tough runs! She’s been following me here at Run With No Regrets for a very long time. We need to collaborate soon! I’m a big fan of Ali’s blog so I hope you check it out!

Mar on the Run

Mar is based in the DC area but is a native of Pittsburgh. She has run a TON of half marathons over the past couple of years, and I’ve enjoyed following her recaps along the way. She is co-host of the Friday 5 linkup, which has exploded in recent months. Mar is also a certified running coach, so she’s a really great resource! I’m hoping we’ll get to meet sometime soon!

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Eat Pray Run DC

Courtney is definitely my blogging idol, I’m so glad to have found her blog! Not only does she blog about running (which she’s made amazing progress in her speed over the past couple of years), but she also provides lots of blogging advice for newbies like me. She breaks things down very easily and is always willing to help. You have to check her out. I was hoping we would meet at the Cherry Blossom Run but no dice…I’m hoping to do more running in the DC area so hopefully we’ll meet!


I really enjoy Sharon’s blog and I always drool over the gorgeous hiking photos that she takes with her family, including 2 adorable boys! Sharon lives in Princeton, New Jersey so she’s not too far from me in Philly. She’s training for Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon right now and I’m enjoying following along. Check her out!

Running With Attitude

Michelle’s blog is one of the first that I started following! Michelle lives in the Boston area and has been lately sharing her experiences about her injury battles (as you know, I can relate!). Michelle is so down to earth and friendly! She often has product reviews that are really helpful, so she’s a great resource. I highly recommend following her blog!

A Philly Nerd Girl

Much love to this fellow Philadelphian and City Fit Girl Ambassador! Krissie is a scientist who plays soccer and is a super speedy runner! She’s been getting lots of PR’s in her races lately and I love reading her race recaps. We still haven’t met, but I’m hoping that will change soon! Following her approach to training has been really interesting and right now she’s training for the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon!

Fairweather Runner

I really enjoy following Jess’s blog! Jess and I both run at a similar pace so it’s great to see how she progresses with her training week to week. She lives in California but is currently training for the Soldier Field 10 Mile Race that takes place in Chicago. I love how goal-oriented she is (reminds me of someone I know, lol…) Definitely check her out!

Run Salt Run

Salt is amazing! She’s the mother of an adorable little girl and started her running journey only a few short years ago. She is also a yogi (check her out on Instagram) but what I really love is following her race training. She recently completed the New Jersey Marathon and was very honest about her experience – while it didn’t meet her expectations, she did an amazing job! Salt’s blog is a lot of fun, so you should definitely check it out.

Next Friday I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Fitness Blogs, so hopefully you’ll check out who I choose. Who are your favorite running bloggers that I haven’t mentioned?

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