Five Favorite Summer Activities

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Jun 12

Woohoo, it’s Friday! And it is hot as heck over here! It really does feel like we’re in the thick of summer now…even though we’ve still got another week or so left til spring!

I’m linking up with the Friday Five hosted by Cynthia, Mar, and Courtney, and the Friday Favorites hosted by Heather. How appropriate that this week’s Friday Five theme is about fun in the summer!

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5 Favorite Summer Activities

5 Favorite Things About SUMMER!

Bike Riding

Biking season is among us now and it’s been a blast!  Philadelphia just recently kicked off its bike sharing program and I am a proud member!  For $15/month I get unlimited one-hour rides throughout the city.  Just in the past month or so I’ve gone for a ride nearly a dozen times: softball games, trips into Center City (downtown), and a group ride during Bike to Work week.  It’s been a lot of fun!  As summer progresses, I look forward to taking some longer bike rides out on the various trails in the city and suburbs!  Forbidden Drive, Valley Forge, and back over to the New Hope/Lambertville area would be awesome!

Group Bike Ride with Coworkers

Group Bike Ride with Coworkers – yes my helmet looks ridiculous lol

Festivals and Outdoor Fun Around the City

Everything fun happens in the summer. I absolutely love it. Philadelphia has had an explosion of fun, creative activities all around the city. Spruce Street Harbor Park has become a hot spot, and this year they have opened up a roller skating rink! There are also food truck parties, outdoor movie viewings, free outdoor yoga, and Shakespeare in Clark Park (which I can’t wait to go see!), just to name a few. Maybe this year I’ll finally make it to the Bastille Day festivities at the Eastern State Penitentiary.  And the Made in America Festival will be back to cause chaos in my neighborhood again, I’m sure!

Yoga on the Schulykill Banks, one of many free yoga opportunities- credit to

Going on Vacation

Summer means summer vacation and I am really looking forward to what I have on tap this year!  Last year my sister and I went to Jamaica, which was so much fun.  The year before that we had our first trip to London and Paris!  This year I’m going on a weekend birthday celebration with girlfriends in Miami and a nice long (romantic) getaway to Charleson, South Carolina with Bret.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even find a way to get to the Jersey Shore for the first time for a long weekend…and no, Atlantic City does NOT count!  I’ve also got a Nebraska visit around Labor Day weekend, which I’m excited about because I’ll finally be there when it’s not 20 degrees outside!

This is what I can’t wait for this summer!


Running can be really tough in the summer because hello heat!, but I do enjoy the challenge, no matter how sweaty I get!  I just have to work harder at getting my runs in as early as possible.  Since I’ve done most of my mid-week runs after work, I’m going to have to make some changes to my schedule and try to hit the trails before work whenever possible. It’s important to protect yourself from the heat this time of year – and don’t forget sunscreen!

I will be training this summer – my next race after 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut will be the Philly 10K on August 30, and hopefully I’ll have my fall lineup finalized soon!  I really enjoyed training last summer for the Rock and Roll Philly, so I’ll have to get back into that groove.  Did I mention I still miss winter training??

I’m also looking forward to mixing things up with my runs this summer because my current routes are boring me to death!! Hopefully, I’ll get out to more Group Runs with City Fit Girls.  I had such a great time running over the Ben Franklin Bridge wit them last week.  Sometimes in larger groups it’s hard for me to come out of my shell, but I’m not giving up!  I’d really like to bond with more members of City Fit Girls.

The girls together for a group run over the Ben Franklin Bridge

The girls together for a group run over the Ben Franklin Bridge

Celebrating My Birthday!

I am a summer baby, so of course I love being able to celebrate my birthday!  Last year I had a fun time rock wall climbing with a few of my friends. That was followed up by an awesome dinner at a local Greek restaurant and a party at my place. This year I’m celebrating my birthday down in Charleston, so I’ll be away from it all!  Bret and I will be making the drive down and I still don’t know everything that we plan to do. I’m looking forward to good food and drinks, the BEACH, and being a tourist. But most of all I’m looking forward to the quality time we’ll spend together on a vacation that’s longer than a 3 day weekend!  Oh, and I like birthday presents too…just putting that one out there!

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What do you like the most about the summer?

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