Runfessions – June 2015

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Jun 26

I hope you’re having a great day today!

For the first time I’m sharing “Runfessions” or “Runner Confessions”, hosted by Marcia’s Healthy Slice. It takes on the last Friday of each month.  I thought it would be a fun way for you to get to know me better, as I tend to hold back a little bit on some of the less refined parts of race training!  So without further ado, here we go!

For the first time I'm sharing my runfessions for the month of June! TIme to let it all hang out!

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My Runfessions

Post-Half Marathon Running Slump

Ever since the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon, I haven’t been enjoying running as much. I still feel GUILTY for taking off so many days after the race (6)…then again, it was the first real break I had since early January!

I really miss running 4 days a week. Is that weird? It really provided a lot of structure in my life, and I feel a bit lost without it. I’m slowly getting back into a routine but between this awful heat and my lack of direction, motivation is at an all time low! It is so easy to drop everything once your goal race is complete.

Thankfully, SweatPink has come to the rescue wih their #1MillionMinutes challenge!


SweatPink Ambassadors are encouraging everyone to get moving this summer to see if we can reach 1 million minutes of exercise! Run, walk, kickbox, garden, bicycle…it all counts! We’re sharing our tally of minutes on Twitter – since starting on Sunday, I’ve logged in 268 minutes! I’ve never thought of my workouts by the amount of minutes, so it really gives a great perspective on how active (or inactive) I really am. I can’t wait to see how many miles I log by the end of the summer! Maybe if you’re in a rut like I am, this will give you the kickstart you need!

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Summer Running Woes

I must also “runfess” that running in the heat and humidity has been torture for me! My favorite time of the year to run is Fall, Winter, and Spring. I still miss my winter running and the peace and tranquility of running out in the snow and cold! I don’t like running in any temperature above 70 degrees. I get hot very quickly and VERY sweaty…it’s not comfortable!

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Not to mention, everyone and their mother are out on the trail now that the weather is nicer, which makes everything very stressful. Bikers do NOT follow trail etiquette and I’m constantly worried about getting clipped. If everyone was friendly I wouldn’t mind all the people, but where I run, it’s just not the case.

So I have to be a bit more strategic with my runs and avoid as many obstacles as possible. It’s hard enough trying to find a time of the day when it’s not 90 degrees out! Thankfully we’re getting some cooler weather and settling into the 80’s…geez.

One more thing before I end this rant: I do NOT like sweatie selfies! I’m hearing this is a thing now? I feel absolutely disgusting after a hot sweaty run…the last thing I want is a picture of me looking as gross as I feel! But hey, do you!

Group Run Struggles

I am really enjoying getting more involved with City Fit Girls, but it still a challenge for me! I just wrote a post about how to join a running group and keep encouraging yourself to stick with a group for a while to get past those initial feelings of awkwardness. That’s where I am right now. To be honest, I’m still working on breaking out of my shell. I’m not exactly a “regular” in the group so sometimes I feel like an outsider. Everyone is really nice, I’m just still pretty shy! Large groups of women intimidate me because I’m used to being with guys all the time! Now that it’s summertime, we’ll have over 20 women come out for the group runs…that’s a lot for me!

But anyway, I’m working on it. I also need to find someone in the group that I can count on to be my pace partner. Overall the group runs a bit too fast for my training needs. Maybe finding a buddy I can rely on would encourage me to come out more consistently!

What runfessions would you like to share?

Also sharing with Jill for Fitness Friday!


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