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Jul 07

Hey there!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!  I had a pretty nice time and kept very active, so that’s always a good thing. If only we could grill at our apartment! And how about the Women’s USA Soccer Team!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when they made those first 3 goals…just crazy!

Today I’m linking up with April, Patty, and Erika for Tuesdays on the Run!  The theme this week is Social Media Share.  Check out their sites and find some new great running and fitness bloggers to follow!

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I'd love if you connected with me on social media! Check out all the places I'm online!Social Media Share

It has been a lot of fun being a part of social media as a blogger at Run With No Regrets. I’ve been doing my best to expand my reach and I would love to have some meaningful conversations with you. Check out where you can follow me, if you haven’t been already!


I love Facebook! Even though the powers that be make it very difficult for my posts to reach everyone who follows Run With No Regrets, I’m slowly starting to see a bit more engagement over time. I hope to see you there! This is my favorite place to post running articles, share blog posts, photos, and more! For example, I recently shared a post about the dangers of Tara Lipinsky’s 1,200 calorie plan…needless to say, I’m not a fan of unhealthy practices! It was great to read other folks’ comments on the issue.

Facebook is also great because of the amazing groups you can join. Not only do I participate in groups to share running blog posts like Miles to Blog and RunBlogSociety, there are so many great communities such as SweatPink and Girls Gone Sporty, and blogging-specific communities as well, such as The Sits Girls, The Blogging Bunch, and Blogger2Business.

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I’ve been on Twitter for SEVERAL years now. I was so into Twitter that I used to have 2 accounts – one public and one private. Well, those wild days are over(!) and now Twitter is my favorite place to share other bloggers’ posts related to either health, fitness, food, or blogging and social media tips. Twitter is where I have the most followers, and I’m learning that this is definitely an underutilized resource. When you follow over 1,000 people it can be very difficult to keep up a conversation because everything moves so fast! But it really is a great place where millions of people share quality information. I hope to see you on Twitter, hashtagging it up!



Instagram just may be my favorite place to be in social media! I like that it’s so “in the moment”….if I have a photo I took with my camera phone, I can almost immediately post it to Instagram. I usually post automatically to Facebook and Twitter. I follow so many fitness and healthy living enthusiasts on Instagram that are sharing their workouts (and somehow posting short videos – how do you do that?!), and yoga challenges and amazing meals…it’s fun.

One of my most recent Instagram posts was one of the official photos I purchased from the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon. I always love a race photo where I don’t look miserable! Would love to connect here with you!


Visit Run With No Regrets’s profile on Pinterest.

Pinterest is amazing!!  I’m so glad that I joined. This is a place that is easily addictive and can waste a ton of time if you’re not careful!

Pinterest is almost better than Google. I can search for anything and come up with great articles that are visually stunning! I used to bookmark all the recipes I wanted to try and then realized I could just place them in my own Pinterest board. I have a Business Pinterest account so I’m able to see all my analytics of which pins are most popular and which group boards get the most repins.

I have created Pinterest boards related to my blog posts but I mostly pin blogging tips (always learning!), healthy recipes, and running and fitness articles. It’s just a great place for inspiration and curated content.


I also have to mention that I am on Google+.  This place had so much potential, but it seems like it’s going to be heading towards retirement sooner rather than later. But I’d love if we were part of the same circles!

Where is your favorite place to connect on social media?  Share your links!!

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