Fall Racing Schedule

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Aug 11

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This week we’re sharing our fall racing schedules.  What races are you looking forward to this fall?

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It's been tough to finalize, but I'm finally showing my Fall Racing Schedule to close out 2015!

Fall Racing Schedule

My plans have changed considerably over the past few months.  Back in December of last year, I laid out my schedule and there were quite a few gaps for what I wanted to run in the fall.  So much has changed since then and now I’m still a bit unsure of what I want to do.  However, as race pricing continues to increase, I know I need to make a final answer!  Hopefully, this is it!

I’m still planning on keeping with my theme in 2015 to mix it up and run new races, so it should be pretty exciting!


  • Nothing planned as of yet…the arrival of Pope Francis in Philadelphia over the weekend of September 25 ruined my hopes of running either the Hands on House Half Marathon on Saturday or the Sloppy Cuckoo Half Marathon on Sunday.  So I’ll be using the month of September to build my base mileage!
Rock and Roll Philly 5K 2014

Me at the Rock and Roll Philly 5K in September 2014


  • Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon or 6K 10/4:  I’m due for a visit down to Maryland, and this race looks great!  I’m leaning towards the 6K right now, mainly because of cost.
  • Tough Mudder Philly 10/18:  This is going to be crazy!  I have a LOT of upper body training that I need to do if I plan to survive the Tough Mudder and go to work in one piece the next day!  Hopefully, I’ll be able to share a training plan soon!


  • Trenton 10K 11/7:  I’ve never run this race but hear great things, so I’m looking forward to it!
  • Annapolis Classic Half Marathon 11/21:  I really loved running in Annapolis for the Zooma 10K, so I’m hoping that a fall race will go even better!  I just have to hurry up and pay the registration!
  • YMCA Turkey Trot in Buffalo, NY 11/26:  This 8K (4.97 miles) will be on Thanksgiving day in my hometown.  I’m really looking forward to it!  I’ve never run a distance race in Buffalo!


  • Rehobeth Beach Half Marathon 12/6:  We’ve never done this race in Delaware, but I look forward to trying something new!  It’ll be cool to see the beach while I run, even if it is super cold!

Are you running any of these races?  Tell me about your upcoming racing schedule! 

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