Goals for the Philly 10K

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Aug 27

In 3 days, I will be running the Philly 10K.  I can’t believe the time is finally here!  There is so much on my mind as I prepare for my “kickoff” to fall racing season.

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I'm sharing my goals for the 2nd annual Philly 10K! Will I be able to get a PR?

Game Plan for the Philly 10K

Once again, Coach Kristy has provided me with my racing strategy for the Philly 10K taking place on Sunday, August 30.  Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without her!

Racing Strategy:

The racing strategy is very straightforward this time around.

  • Start out my first mile at 9:40 pace
  • If it’s feeling too tough, then drop down to 10:00 pace
  • Pick it up in the last mile to finish strong!

The goal is to get to an hour or less…if I’m lucky!  My fastest 10K is 1:02:31, so I’m aiming for a PR here!

The good news is that race course is very flat, so for the first time in a long time, I’ll be running a race without hills – and I’m so grateful for that!  I will make sure to run the tangents to avoid running extra mileage unnecessarily.

But this is my first 10K race that I’ll be running alone.  Bret will be in a different corral, and I don’t have JoAnn for a support system.  So I will really have to work hard to keep myself on pace.  I don’t want to obsess over it, but I’ll be really bummed if I don’t get a PR.  I’ll have to quickly find a random person to pace me.

Fueling and Hydration:

I’ve been stalking the weather forecast all week, and it ain’t looking good for race day.  The Philly 10K starts at 7:30 am and there’s a good chance of very high humidity…ugh.  I keep hoping the forecast will change, but it’s not happening.


We’ve had really amazing weather this week in the low 80’s with low humidity, but we’re on our way to another heat wave, starting this weekend. So that means it’ll be crucial to hydrate these last few days before the race.

When it comes to fueling, I will continue to use my Clif Shotbloks.  I will probably take them at the halfway point.  At Zooma, I lost valuable time by walking to take my fuel, so I don’t want to fall into that trap again.  I’ll make sure they are easy to grab out of my handheld water bottle and that I’m not fumbling with the packaging.

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Workouts Week 5:

Thursday 8/20:  I was supposed to have a 5-mile run, one mile of warming up and cooling down, with 3 miles at 9:40 pace.  This did NOT happen.  I felt sluggish the entire way, took a walk break between miles 2 and 3, and then pretty much walked my entire cooldown run.  I think I picked up some allergic symptoms while in Charleston, and between that, the bright sun and cruel humidity….I just knew I couldn’t push myself.  Then we had our playoff kickball game in the evening, and we lost…our first loss, ending the season.  The game was in the pouring rain and we just didn’t field as well as we usually do.  Welp, it was nice while it lasted!

Friday 8/21:  Rest day, though I did get in a lot of walking in the city!

Saturday 8/22:  City Fit Girls Fit Retreat!  Check out my recap and hear about the yoga and kettlebell workouts I put myself through!  In the evening, I ran 3 miles followed by strides.  It was a late night run, but I was so relieved to get it done and stay on track.

Sunday 8/23:  6 mile long run on Forbidden Drive, my favorite running trail!  It went really well even though I did feel some knee popping about 4 miles in that gradually went away.  I felt strong and didn’t feel like I was slogging for once!

Monday 8/24:  Rest day.

Tuesday 8/25:  I had a wonderful evening 3 mile run, way too fast with an average pace of 10:35.  It just felt nice to not be baking in the sun, and since there was a portion of the trail that was dark, even though there were lots of people out, I think I subconsciously sped up for my own personal safety.

Wednesday 8/26:  Went for a 3-mile run followed by strides with Bret.  My legs were really tired from the run on Tuesday, so I stuck to a very consistent 11.5-minute pace.  I was glad to get it done…last run before the race!

Is it vain to really love this picture from Fit Retreat?

Is it vain to really love this picture from Fit Retreat?

Week 5 Report Card:

Minus the disappointing speed work run, I’m pretty happy with my training runs leading up to the race!  So I will give myself an A-!  This training cycle didn’t go perfectly, but I did put in the hard work, so hopefully it’ll pay off come race day!

When you’re training for a race, do you ever worry about not getting that PR?  Or do you try your best to trust your training?  

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