Philly 10K Training Week 4 Recap

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Aug 20

Hey, I hope you’ve had a great week so far!

I have been so BUSY since I was away on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina!  What a beautiful city!  I’ll be sharing my experiences in Charleston next week, so hopefully you’ll check it out!

Even when on vacation, training doesn’t stop!  So here’s a recap of Week 4 of my Philly 10K training!

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Check out this week's training recap for the Philly 10K

Week 4 Training Recap:


Wednesday 8/12:  Finally, I ran with the City Fit Girls!  Long overdue.  We ran a new route (to me), which was mostly running through city streets.  It was a really nice day for 3 miles.

Thursday 8/13:  Speed work, 5 miles total including warmup and cooldown.  It went well!  My earphones are broken though so that was a pain trying to listen to music.  We were supposed to have kickball that evening, but the other team forfeit the game.  Unfortunately, while we were playing around I caught the ball, only to slice the heck out of my wrist with my nails!  Go figure…

Friday 8/14:  Rest day, heading down to Charleston!

Saturday 8/15:  7-mile long run.  We went to the Palmetto Trail outside of Charleston.  It was absolutely beautiful, but we were ravaged by mosquitos.  Regardless, I was going to get my 7 miles no matter the cost!  I wanted to do an out and back, but I kept getting cut short…so that was frustrating.  I forgot to bring my Clif Shot Bloks (they were on my bed in the hotel), but I didn’t seem to need it.

Sunday 8/16:  3-mile run, followed by strides.  We also did a walking tour in Charleston, followed by

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Monday 8/17:  No running, much more laid-back day!

Tuesday 8/18:  I went for a 3 mile run on my birthday!  It wasn’t very hot, but it sure was humid!  It ended up raining for much of the day.

Wednesday 8/19:  Rest day, heading back home…

Loved running along the river and beautiful homes in Charleston!

Loved running along the river and beautiful homes in Charleston!

Week 4 Report Card:

I’m very happy with how this past week of 10K training went!  I did everything I was supposed to do, I didn’t run too fast, and I got to run in new locations.  Sometimes a change of scenery is a necessity!  All of my runs were generally enjoyable, even the long run full of mosquitos!

I’m going to give week 4 an A!  No complaints at all!

Do you like to go for a run/work out while on vacation?

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