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Sep 02

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Today I’m sharing a guest post from Kristen from Run on Oatmeal on changing your workout routine!  Kristen is a vegetarian, marathon runner, newlywed, and recipe lover.  I hope you enjoy today’s post!

Kirsten from Run On Oatmeal

Kirsten from Run On Oatmeal

Ways to Change Up Your Workout Routine

Hi, Run with No Regrets Readers! My name is Kristen, and I am an avid veggie eater, runner, blogger at Run on Oatmeal, and reader of Run with No Regrets, of course. I am going to chat a little about how you can change up your workout routine.

Being a marathon runner, I am 100% guilty of doing the same workout daily. Even in marathon training if it wasn’t a speed or tempo training day I would set forth with the same speed that I am used to and comfortable with. I would work up a sweat but never felt sore and develop any muscle definition. This year, I set a goal for myself to break the mold.

With that said, I give you ways to change up your workout routine!

Up the intensity level.

Rate the level of your workout based by your ability to talk normally. For example, sometimes when I am running I am able to talk somewhat normally. If I am not doing a long run, I may choose to increase my effort to reach my goals.


Taking the time to ride your bike or drive to a new running path can help change up your routine. For example, switching to a trail run can be rewarding by increasing the amount of hills and turns to test your agility as well as giving your joints a break with the softer dirt surface.

Just sign up.

When I first tried out hot yoga I had no idea what I was in for. I signed up for a class called “Yin.” I wasn’t even sure it was yoga. I ended up learning so much from the class including a bunch of hip openers that helped me my marathon training. This is not recommended obviously for anyone with health concerns.

Get social.

My first half marathon was with FAST and experienced runners. I knew I couldn’t attempt to keep up with them but I wanted to try. Seeing them in the distance for the first few miles was motivating and helped me finish the race in a positive way. Getting social also helps you branch off and discover new fitness trends. Katie for example has dragged encouraged me to try out Crossfit. I have realized the importance of building my strength and increasing mobility and how it can benefit me as a runner.

Chill out.

Take a rest day and realize how far you have come!

I hope this information was helpful to all of you fitness fanatics out there! Be sure to stop by Run on Oatmeal!

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Have you grown tired of your workout routine lately?  What do you do to mix things up?

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