Tough Mudder Training Week 4 Recap

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Sep 23

I don’t think I’ve done as much cross-training in my entire life than I have in this past week!

Tough Mudder training is going strong, and I’m happy to say that I’m finally doing the workouts I need in order to be ready for the big event!

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I'm training for the Tough Mudder...or basically I've lost my mind!

Using the HabitBull App to Track Daily Workouts:

I recently discovered this really cool app called Habitbull.  Over the past couple of months, I’ve been trying to schedule Nike Training app workouts on my Google calendar, but I never actually do them.  I needed to find something that encourages me to work out and keep working out…cue in Habitbull!

I have it set so that every morning at 6 am, I’m reminded to do 10 push ups and 20 situps each day.  You can make your habits yes/no (Did I work out today?) or quantifiable (Do 20 situps) and add any notes that you want.  It’s pretty cool so far!    I also created a habit to read 30 minutes each weeknight, because I want to get back to reading books!
If you’re looking for some motivation to start a new habit or quit an old habit, I highly recommend trying this app!

An example of how it works – from Google Play

Tough Mudder Workouts Week 4:

Wednesday 9/16:  No running, just focused on cross training!  20 sit ups, 10 push ups, 30 squats, 30 dumbbell tricep kickbacks, 30 dumbbell shoulder presses, 30 shoulder shrugs, 30 donkey kicks on each leg. I also stretched my calves throughout the day.

Thursday 9/17:  4 mile run in the morning, the first in a few days and it felt really good!  Then we had our first kickball game of the fall season.  Somehow I ended up pitching, but it went well and we won!  The other team called me “The Sprinter” haha…I love running the bases!  I also made sure to do my 20 sit ups and 10 push ups!

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Friday 9/18:  Rest day, but still doing my situps and push ups!

Saturday 9/19:  Extremely busy day!  I met up with my Tough Mudder teammates where we did some light running, bear crawls, push ups, and stair climbing at the Philly Art Museum.  Then I did my 8-mile long run.  It went really well, especially considering I wasn’t listening to music!  After that still, we had 2 softball games.  Our league has doubleheaders on Saturdays.  I was TERRIBLE the first game, but finally, with the help of my teammates, improved and got a couple hits.  Then I got home and slept for several hours, haha.

Sunday 9/20:  I went to a cross training for runners event at Crossfit Center City, hosted by City Fit Girls.  We did reverse lunges, single legged deadlifts, running drills to help with form, and a cool circuit with burpees, running, and rest.  My group of 3 completed 90 burpees in 8 minutes…not bad!  Then we went back to the gym for a tour.  I have to say, I was intrigued about joining in the madness… Before going to bed, I knocked out the 20 crunches and 10 push ups.

Monday 9/21:  Started the day with 20 (on each side) bicycle crunches and 10 push ups.  Then in the evening I went to a Runner’s Cross Training series hosted by the Oddyssey Half Marathon and featuring triathlon coach Marcy Gialdo.  We ran laps around Rittenhouse Square and did several exercises focusing on the core, especially the obliques:  knee to elbow, mountain climbers, burpees.  Most of the runners seemed to be at a much higher level than I am, so I was pretty intimidated.  Afterwards, we got a free beer at U-Bahn and there were music and raffles.  I felt pretty out-of-place so I left early…

Tuesday 9/22:  Fitness classes are finally back at work!  I’ve signed up for Core Fusion, which is basically a Pilates class.  It started a little late so we only really had 20 minutes to work out, but I think it will be a great class.  And it’s taught by Elga, my favorite instructor!  I did 10 push ups when I went home – my situps were pretty much covered in class.

Running in place - learning to use gravity to run!

Running in place at the CrossFit event – learning to use gravity to run!

Tough Mudder Week 4 Report Card:

This has been a really busy week of working out and I’m just glad that I got it all done!  I’m glad that I’m developing a routine because it’s all too easy to claim I’m “too busy”.  You have to make the time.

Am I getting stronger?  I hope so.  The more core work I do, the better I’ll be!  Maybe I’ll start adding daily planks and track it with HabitBull!  Again, I really recommend giving it a try.

My knees definitely weren’t happy with me this week, so I have to make sure that I ice them after a tough workout.  I hate that it’s gotten to this point, but I know that the more strength work I do, the better off I’ll be.

I’m giving this week an A!  Fingers crossed that I can keep this up!

Do you have workouts that you try to do every day?  How do you get it done?

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