Tough Mudder Training Week 5 Recap

By Janelle @ Run With No Regrets | injury prevention

Sep 30

I survived the Popecopolypse!  And I’m down another week of Tough Mudder Training.  It’s crazy to think in just a couple of weeks that I’ll be completing this massive obstacle course.  Am I making any progress at all??

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I'm training for the Tough Mudder...or basically I've lost my mind!

Tough Mudder Workouts:

Wednesday 9/23:  I went for a 4 mile run in the evening.  It went really well!

Thursday 9/24:  Went to weight training class at work, but we really didn’t have time to use any of the machines.  Since the week was so draining at work, I crashed before I could do my pushups and sit-ups.

Friday 9/25:  5 mile run with speed work – one-mile warmup, 4 sets of 1/2 mile run at 9:10, 1/4 mile walk, then one mile cool down.  The police and National Guard were out patrolling and closing down roads due to Pope Francis’ arrival for the Festival of Families.  I was able to do most of my run on Kelly Drive thank goodness, and it was really peaceful out there!  I did 20 pushups (are they getting easier?) and 40 bicycle crunches to make up for Thursday.

Saturday 9/26:  Now that I’m playing softball, I’m not doing my long runs on Saturday for a while.  Softball was canceled because of the Pope. So I vegged out at home most of the day.  I did do my pushups and sit-ups!

Sunday 9/27:  8-mile long run!  Since Kelly Drive was closed, I changed my route and headed east and south, away from the madness.  Every block on Spring Garden had National Guard blocking the roads.  They were all pretty nice, and one of them was in disbelief that I was running 8 miles on purpose!  And even better, I finished a lot faster than I started!  After my run I handled those pushups (they’re getting easier!), 30 bicycles, 10 V-ups, a little work on my shoulders and biceps, 15 hydrants on each side, and 20 leg raises on each side.

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Monday 9/28:  Back to the Runner’s Cross-Training Series, this time with Bret coming out and featuring an awesome workout from my very own Coach Kristy!  We gave each other the biggest hugs – since she’s my online coach, I never get to see her.  This workout started out with a warmup run to Rittenhouse Square, and then we had to run as many loops as possible:  jogging on the horizontals, sprinting on the verticals.  It was really tough!  Then we did several sets of workouts on the lawn, working our upper body and core.  We did planks and side planks, pike, diamond and regular pushups, tricep dips, lunges, single-legged squats, Russian twists, burpees, mountain climbers…you get the idea!   While killer, we had a really fun time sweating it out.

Tuesday 9/29:  I was supposed to have my core class at work, but I had a 1 pm meeting scheduled so I couldn’t go.  I wanted to run after work, but I got home late.  Did the usual set of workouts and I did walk a mile to get to work – my LAST day commuting by the bus thank goodness.  So I had a glorified rest day.

Love my running coach!!

Love my running coach!!

Tough Mudder Week 5 Report Card:

This was another great week of working out.  I’m glad that the pushups are feeling easier – maybe I’m slowly getting a stronger upper body?

My training runs had me feeling like a rockstar and I love it!  But I am worried about both of my knees.  My left knee is still troubling me since going to that (stupid) gym and my right knee is also acting up for good measure.  Kristy recommended icing my left knee when needed, so I’ll start making that routine.

With that said, I’m going to give this past week of training an A!  I always feel like I can do more strength training, but I am making the effort and giving it my all.  I’m also doing a better job of foam rolling too – this isn’t the time to be lazy!  In less than 3 weeks I’ll be “conquering” this Tough Mudder…do I sound excited?

How is your race training going?  Did you have to deal with the Pope in your city last weekend?  

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