Annapolis Half Marathon Training Recap

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Oct 21

What do you do when your big race is over?  Start focusing on the next one.

A few months ago, I shared my fall racing plans.  With the Tough Mudder complete, I can finally check one race off my list.  The next big race is the Annapolis Half Marathon, which I will be running for the first time!

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Sharing my training recap for the Annapolis Half Marathon on November 21!

Annapolis  Half Marathon Training

Fall racing season is underway and for the second time this year I’m continuously training for multiple races.  In the first half of 2015, I had the Cherry Blossom Run and the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon as my big races in April and June, and it was very exciting – though a major change of pace – to train for nearly 6 months with no major period of rest.

When I ran the Zooma 10K back in June, I absolutely loved the experience and I loved Annapolis.  I couldn’t wait to run there again – but with MUCH cooler weather in the fall.  So I’m really excited to run a new race and see how it goes.

And I have to admit, I’d really like to have a strong finish time for the half marathon.  Once upon a time, I ran a 2:10:53, and it seems each race has gotten slower and slower.  I’d love to shave a few minutes off my time.  We’ll see!

Workouts for the Week:

Wednesday 10/14:  No workouts.

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Thursday 10/15:  Started the day with 10 pushups.  During lunch, I went to weight training class and Elga KILLED me!  I did 3 different variations of pushups – 30 total.  I did plank jacks, lunges, and variations of box jumps that were pretty challenge.  Last, I “attempted” 5 pullups (overhand) and 5 chinups (underhand).   After work, I had a 3-mile easy run, though it was supposed to be 4 miles.  Then we had a kickball game, but that ended with our first loss.  I didn’t make any plays, but I was pleased with my base running!

Friday 10/16: No surprise, my shoulders and glutes were killing me after Thursday’s workouts!  I still had speed work on the agenda, but I ended up not running and I was overall in a bad mood.

Saturday 10/17:  Back-to-back softball games on a very chilly afternoon!  I was actually signed up to the do the Blacklight Run, which is basically the Color Run at night with glowsticks, but I bailed at the last minute.  The temperatures dropped down to the 40’s and 50’s and I didn’t think it was a good idea to do this event the night before Tough Mudder.

Sunday 10/18:  The Tough Mudder, need I say more?!  Check out my recap in case you missed it!

Monday 10/19:  Much needed rest!!  My left hip was hurting pretty badly, making it difficult to get in and out of the car.  Otherwise, I had normal soreness and no major bruises.

Tuesday 10/20:  Finally back to running.  I ran an easy 3 miles but went a little faster than usual, just because it felt like I hadn’t run in an eternity!  The weather was great and I felt awesome.

Still loving the pictures from the Tough Mudder!

Still loving the pictures from the Tough Mudder!

Week 1 Report Card:

Now that I’m shifting my focus to the Annapolis Half Marathon, I still have to put in work!  Leading up to the Tough Mudder, I was a little short on my mileage, and I hate missing out on my speed work.  So I’ll have to give my past week of training a B.

I was doing a daily goal of 10 pushups and 20 sit ups as part of my Tough Mudder training, but I want to keep that going beyond the event.  Running, cross training, and working on my core will definitely help me reach my goals for November 21!

How do you handle training from one race to the next?  Will you be running in Annapolis?

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